How to minimize oily face?

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My face is naturally very oily. I wash my face with a cleaner, toner, and moisturizer twice a day (in the morning and before bed). But my face still stays oily throughout the day. more
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  • Maria answered 2 years ago
Firstly, Check if your Moisturiser, Cleanser and Toner is Oil-free. Clean and Clear has an Oil-free Moisturiser, Cleanser and Toner as well. They are pretty affordable and do the job pretty well. Even Cetaphil has a Oil-free Moisturiser. You can also use the Oil Absorbing Sheets by Clean and Clear. Throughout the day, if your face and neck area feels oily, you can use this to absorb the oil and it works AWESOME. You can see the oil from your face on the sheet. This will prove that it works. Try to exfoliate your skin as well. Exfoliating will leave your skin much more fresh and rejuvenated than cleansing it(It's my opinion!).

Just walk into a store that sells Clean and Clear products and look around, most of it will be Oil-free products.
Hope this helps.


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  • Sarah answered 2 years ago
    Change your mosturizer to an oil free one! And constantly mosturize like your already doing.
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  • pst123 answered 2 years ago
    Youtube it i fount a lot of good help there. But i use alcohol for my skin 2 time a day. it also is good as a antybody on your skin


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  • nitram66 answered 2 years ago
  • SJ answered 2 years ago
    use Neutrogena - Rapid Clear Oil-Control Foaming Cleanser and Neutrogena Oil-Controlling Astringent, Clear Pore regularly. I will suggest you to not to use regular moisturizer but you can try Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture Lotion
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