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Leo asked in Politics & GovernmentElections · 8 years ago

Where are the supporters for marijuana reform at? This issue needs to be resolved >NOW<?

Are marijuana users trying to elude capture by not speaking up? I want to use marijuana for my own purposes without intervention or prosecution from state or federal law enforcement. It is an infringement upon our civil and human rights.


David if you believe for one minute that a pot smoker is less motivated than yourself I'll have you to know that I was a butcher since the age of sixteen, participated in community service activities, was a volunteer fireman and I graduated high school. I went on to college while holding down my duties. It only took one time being arrested to destroy everything in my life. I lost my job due to being placed in jail. How does that work for our economy? I'm discriminated against by employers because of my conviction history So I either have to collect unemployment which I REFUSE to do, rob people which I REFUSE to do, or uplift the moral social and federal stigma on marijuana and get by on table scraps until my case finally gets expunged. I went from a very productive and substantial citizen to one who's forced to live in squalor all because of prohibition.

Update 2:

I haven't used for two years. Regardless if I quit forever or not, prohibition is still a problem for this country. I wouldn't leave a tick on my @ss to suck me dry. It keeps people with an under paid job or no job at all, it divides families and strips parents from their children or vise verse, It wastes money and resources, it breeds corruption within law enforcement agencies. You have no idea what kind of power prohibition gives to corrupt law enforcers do you?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I always find it funny how non-smokers think once weed is finally made legal, everyone will just start smoking and all hell will break loose, as if everyone abides by drug laws. It will have obvious restrictions, much like alcohol. And this way non-violent people who just like to smoke once or twice a week can enjoy themselves without having to be secretive and deal with shady people. No real harm can come of it. If anything it will reduce cartels smuggling it into the country, thus eliminating a black market altogether.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Just what we need -to legalize something that makes us less motivated than we already are.

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