Important questions about completely reformatting a Toshiba Satellite!?

Hey guys, I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop currently running Vista 32 bit. I didn't realise that it was capable of 64 bit 3 or 4 years ago when I bought it. Anyway, the laptop runs pretty well besides a few minor problems, but I want to do a complete reformat with windows 7 64 bit. Anyway, this laptop came with a lot of Toshiba applications and drivers for the laptops utilities and features, i.e. webcam, bluetooth etc.

I'm just wondering how I go about reformatting so that I can keep the Toshiba software and drivers that the laptop came with? I'm not sure if the reformat will wipe all the Toshiba stuff or not

Also, I have programs such as Steam with all my games, and InDesign CS5.5, is there anyway I can back up (on a portable hard drive) these programs and put them back on my laptop after it's reformatted without having to download them again? I'm guessing I will have to seeing as I'm changing to not only windows 7 but to 64 bit.

I also have the microsoft office package, which i'm pretty sure I've used on 3 computers (whatever the max amount is).. If I uninstall it first before trying to reinstall on my reformatted laptop, will I be able to? Or will this count as using in on a 4th computer? How should I go about doing this?

Any tips would also be greatly appreciated, as this is going to be quite a task to accomplish! I know there's a lot of questions, so please feel free to answer any or all, i need all the help i can get!

Thanks for all your help!

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  • 9 years ago
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    uninstall indesign, all your steam games will re download when you sign in. if office doesn't reactivate call Microsoft support and tell them your trying to re install if nothing else openoffice can open all your documents and its free. accidentally deleted the sector on my hard drive that held the boot record once.. when you do that everything is gone.. i installed windows 7 64 bit and you know what? you don't need those f***ing applications there useless junk the drivers will install from windows update and your computer will work much better than it did before

    go for it!

  • 9 years ago

    It's good job that i don't have to depend on these stupid answers some people give out, Vista is 12 yrs old and well passed it's sell by date, and besides that windows is not the only operating system in the world There are other Free alternative operating systems that are far more superior to windows 7 and 8.

    to prove my point. I would suggest you go and check them out on Youtube first then you will see what I am talking about, go to youtube in the search bar type in the following

    Commodore 64 Vistion

    Ultimate Gamers 3.0

    Then check out this website

    I could explain everything you need to know but that would take to long to do, so check out what I have given you, then get back to me for more info

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    4 years ago

    reliable idea to reinstall operating equipment, I do it about some times a year even if i prefer to or no longer. i might want to verify the Toshiba web site and make powerful it helps the O/S you're about to position in (XP, Vista, 7) by potential of helps, I recommend - have they were given the drivers handy. in case your device is somewhat older, i might want to circumvent Vista & 7 (b/c the images, CPU, etc.) might want to no longer have the ability to take care of it. once you've the O/S disc, you do not choose a restore CD. make powerful you backup some thing it really is extreme to you (archives, medical doctors, %.). deliver me a message once you've more advantageous questions.

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