Is there a program where you can create a 3d virtual world?

Something like Second Life, but I was just looking into it and it's too expensive. Also, I don't care about interacting with other users; I just want to create a place.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Second life is actually free, with option to pay. There are other such programs as well, depending on how much you're willing to pay and how willing you are to do modeling. Blender is great if you know how to script python and do 3d modeling, the modeling system is similar to the second life one, and so is a little challenging. Google also has a program available for free called sketch-up, it has a unique modeling interface, but as far as I know, no way to script it. Minecraft is also an option if you're willing to pay the $20 for an account. After the initial fee, it's free for life. It has several options for world creation and, if you change your mind on your opinion regarding other players, has multiplayer options as well. It also has a very unique for of scripting called redstone that works a little more like the wiring in your home. If you want to go really simple, Carnige Mellon has a free program called alice that allows creation of a world using pre-modeled objects. It has super simple scripting, but is very limited in what you can create and what your creations can do.

    I hope I helped.

    Source(s): I've used every program that I talked about.
  • Tymme
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    8 years ago

    Try Creative mode on Minecraft.

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