Liam and Noel Gallagher?

Don't you wish they could have sorted out their differences and that Noel and his high flying birds could have teamed up with Liam and Beady eye and performed Wonderwall in style? Is it just me..?

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  • 7 years ago
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    The pair are actually on pretty good terms at the moment. Liam has said that he wants to play with Noel again. Also if they'd sang together at the Olympics everyone would be expecting an Oasis come back.

    Noel actually was asked to the Olympics before Liam was and turned it down. It was only then that Liam was asked. Everyone seems to think that Noel didn't go because of his relationship with Liam which is utter nonsense. I'm sure there's another reason Noel didn't sing, possibly he wants to move on and not sing with Oasis any more.

    Also, Noel and Liam have never sung Wonderwall together, Wonderwall is written for ONE person to sing. Either Liam or Noel, Noel only sings Wonderwall when Liam's refusing to sing. Even if Noel had come back Liam would still have been the only one singing Wonderwall. Unless they had other Oasis songs, but even then it would be part of the Olympics and the focus wouldn't be on Oasis at all.

    Noel has always wanted to be in the middle of things, if Oasis had a comeback or one off gig it would be on Noel's terms and he wouldn't've been asked or given permission to sing.

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