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White Christians! What if the United States of America became a theocracy?

And the leader you pick passes law that puts to death all atheists, pagans, Jews, homosexuals, Muslims, and so on (in other words, non-believers of Christianity). And all those that oppose this law shall share the same fate (even Christians).

Would you rejoice and go on a ‘witch hunt’ to eliminate the convicted and all that opposes the new ‘law of the land’? Would you be humane and send them off to death camps? Or would you make public displays of them and then kill them to show God how much you love him? (Would make for a great reality FOX TV show!)

What would you do with the babies and children of the convicted? Would you kill them to save their souls?

Would you make women subservient to man and strip them of their rights? (Basically turning them into white baby making machines.)

What would you do with black people? Would you use ‘Curse of Canaan’ or whatever as an excuse to do with them as you will? Or would you add them to the death list (even the Christian ones)?

Did I miss anything? Is there anything you would add?

I know this is aimed at American “White Christians!”, but all are welcome to reply.


Valos of Science: I hope so.

Sheriff Chicken: I don’t know… I know this is an extreme “What if”… But, Christianity’s “God’s Laws” absolves the ‘believer’ of sin and justifies its means (it’s okay to kill in his name if you follow his commandments). If you don’t believe in God’s Laws can you truly call yourself Christian?

Not of this Earth: I want to call you an idiot. But I know that you truly feel that way. What really scares me is that I sometimes think a lot of Christians feel the same way. “Let Christianity take over the US before some other nut religion does.” Right? And that is way I asked this question.

DS M: So… atheists don’t live in the real world? Odd… atheists don’t follow a ‘book of fantasy’.

And yes, these are “insane questions” I made a point to do so… thank you for your insane answer.

Update 2:

jeffery: Sometimes it only takes "1 or 2 nuts" to change the world. Remember Hitler? I think people forget sometimes.

Update 3:

Sheriff Chicken:

Not sure what you are asking…

Matthew 5:17, 5:18-19

Luke 16:17

2 Timothy 3:16

1 Peter 2:13-14

Romans 13:1-7

John 1:17, 7:19, 10:35

…there’s probably more, these tell how you should follow the old testaments (God’s Laws/Commandments or whatever fancy name you want to call them).

It’s okay the ‘kill’ in god’s name… just don’t ‘murder’ your own.

Update 4:

..."to" kill...

Update 5:


Why would I have to prove I’m an atheist? Why would I need to write a book? This question isn’t even about atheists.

Evolution… I’m not a scientist or an archeologist or a biologist or whatever. Why would I argue this point? If you want to argue about evolution, go find you one of those people. This question isn’t even about evolution.

You are right; I do not share your biblical morals. I find them to be unethical. I don’t feel the need to hate people because of some fantastical giant fairy king hates his own creations. It is way too silly.

The reason I posted this question is because some crazy nut told me I was un-American for not being “Christian” and that people like me should be put to death. This is a total disregard of freedom of religion. Christianity is not the only religion and there are some of us who are not religious at all and our Constitution protects us from such things. So tell me who is being un-American.

As for the rest of your ramblings, “eat i

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    In all theocracies there is sectarian violence because we can never decide WHICH sect will be the ruling one.

    So if America became a theocracy the same thing that happens in Muslim countries will happen here. Different sects will start fighting for power and it will be violent and miserable for EVERYONE. The Protestants and Roman Catholics will fight. The Pentecostals and Southern Baptists will fight. The conservative Christians and liberal Christians will fight.

    So much better when religion is kept where it should be- the home, house of worship and heart. NOWHERE ELSE.

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    also those violent verses in the Bible, you are taking them out of context, if you read the Bible the Old Testemant laws were to show the Jews how little we could do to be right with God, but the New Testemant comes along and shows that with Jesus, He's the only thing that matters and all the rituals of the Old are obsolete because we have Jesus, also a lot of those verses are metaphorical too. And to answer your question, I think most Christians aside from the crazy nuts that are apart of basically all religions would oppose a theocracy like that. If you look at history, theocracies almost never work, look at medieval europe, constant war with corrupt Church leaders with people blindly following them. Also Iran and Saudi Arabia, there's basically a suppression of a whole bunch of rights there

    Source(s): I'm a Christian(not white tho)
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    No. Bush and others in his administration are described as "devoutly" religious. However simply look at their policies. They have got waged the murderous warfare in Afghanistan, the place more innocent civilians have perished than those on September 11. And Iraq, an occupation waged to perpetuate contracts and reap big earnings from the world's 2nd greatest oil reserves, even though an estimated million humans have died in view that the invasion. Jesus had sympathy for his enemies, or unconditional love. These guys in Washington planning future strikes and appeasing elements with some religiously influenced legislation should not Christians. They're corporate politicians. However i am just a little worried after they reasonably blur church and state by talking about their robust religious convictions in place of business. Maybe it can be simply PR stunts though.

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    Well, then natural selection would have taken place and no atheist, created by evolution without ANY intelligent thought, would have to brains to think this was immoral as immorality doesn't exist in real atheist thought.

    Of course, the real problem with speaking to Atheists about this type of question is they don't live in the real world. If this was going to happen, it would have happened back when this country was founded and not today.

    ***And the leader you pick passes law that puts to death all ...***

    This sounds like the heart of an atheist which is totally intolerant to the beliefs of others to the point they have to make up insane questions and impossible situations to attempt to make a pathetic point.

    Thank you for the example of how to live together in your vision of the real world. Read history. Value and get a real education. Stop your insane stereotypes and wild assumptions. Your intolerance and prejudice ranks up there with unit 731.

    Do you even know who they were and what they did?

    Hope this helps


    Ɗєɑʈɧ ƇɽσϨϨ, so you are saying atheists don't know how to write down their beliefs or they are too embarrassed by what they believe to actually put it down in writing? Which is it?

    Two words for you big guy...prove it!

    Prove you are intelligent using the atheist's beliefs. Start at the beginning when the earth was a ball of molten rock and trace the development of your intelligence...or have you not been able to actually thought about your assumptions because of your illogical solution, your beliefs must be true because you don't believe as a theist!

    I mean, let's pretend atheism is true...then your morality flies right out the window and in the trash dump because REAL atheists living in a REAL atheist world knows all paths lead to the same conclusion. The best you can do is agree with me that atheism can't prove anyone has done wrong.

    After all, we evolved from molten rock. While you might be able to demonstrate different physical characteristics, you certainly lack ANY basis to say your moral character evolved from it. And if you look ahead to when the sun turns into a red giant and the earth is once more a part of the sun, you will notice that everything humans have ever done will be completely erased from the universes' memory meaning nothing changed because of our existence.

    So please use atheism to define where morality evolved...

    And since you bring up Hitler, please tell us where in the atheist's code that you can say he was wrong to do what he did. After all, in the Law of the Jungle, Article 5 section 6 it clearly says that you can do what ever you want especially when you had the power to support it.

    Please don't be a hypocrite at this point and say there is a universal truth that proof...suddenly appeared for Hitler but not to unit 731 because those were Chinese or about Stalin because he killed his own people. And only to the years from 1935 to 1945 but not before and certainly there is no universal truth now.

    So get REAL in the REAL world of atheism and stop assuming atheism is right because you believe theism is wrong. PROVE ATHEISM is right using the scientific method. Ready, GO!

    Your science and response is deafening.


    Your science and response is still deafening.

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    @Not of this Earth, what is wrong with Native Americans getting their own land? What is wrong with English not being taught and Native American languages being taught? Think about it, who came first? Plus, why would Muslims be given houses when the country is ruled by Christians? Also, why would having a Christian theocracy mean that white people are forced to live in tents? Knowing Christians of this country, it would be the other races that would be forced to live in tents. Reading what you said just gave me cancer.

  • As a 'white Christian' I think you need to be straightened out presently. The assertions above do not reflect us as a whole. In the USA there are roughly 310 million people;perhaps the asker is getting info from 1 or 2 nuts.

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    Which Christianity would be the theocracy? A Christian theocracy could just as easily mean that America never goes to war again, that gays and blacks and Muslims are given free houses and nice jobs and that anyone who wants to come to America is free to do so without having to take a test or learn the language. It might even mean that our military is used as a transoceanic taxi service. White people (unless gay or Muslim) might be forced to live in tents and the American Indians would be given several entire states all to themselves. English would no longer be taught in schools so that, instead, Arabic and various Amerindian languages could be taught. Needless to say, this country would soon become a Muslim theocracy and gays, Christians, Jews and Wiccans would be being stoned in the streets.


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    Since my great grandfather was a Native American, World War 1 code talker and a Baptist preacher, I think white humans could care less.

    All humans came out of around Africa. Skin color is determined by ancestors and where they migrated to.

    America is still a Christian Nation. If we become communist like many others, you can be killed for your free will choices and that is why many want to live here.

    I believe Great Britain needs to return many of Egypt's toys too.

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    Valos of Science is definitely right, I'm a white christian and I would be fighting the tyrannical government to my last breath. Religious freedom is incredibly important, and ALL people should have it. Even if the government was "christian".


    I can't argue with you if you don't tell me the exact verse, so please do.

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    I think the majority of Christians (the ones who aren't nutbags) would join us in fighting the oppression of the government. If not, well, I guess I could just lie and say I'm a Christian.

    Source(s): Atheist
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