Can you use Amazon music and videos on Ipod?

My daughter is getting a little older now and needs a new MP3 player. We started her out with a cheap sansa which she loved but it's finally quit working. I'd really like to get her an Ipod but we do all of our MP3's and videos through Amazon because we have a Kindle Fire too. I'm just wondering if an Ipod is a bad choice if we aren't planning on using Itunes?

If that is the case can anyone suggest a good alternative to the Ipod?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Amazon music is totally transferrable. iTunes music, Amazon music, private website music; ultimately it's all the same .mp3 format. The mp3 player doesn't care what the source of the music is.

    A good portion of my music collection came from physical CDs, some was downloaded from friends, a small amount came from iTunes, and even more came from Amazon. I've never had a problem with any of it playing on my iPod.

    (In fact, I don't buy music from iTunes now as a matter of principle. Not only is Amazon usually cheaper, they give a substantially higher portion of the sale to the artists; iTunes keeps almost all of it, and that's greedy.)

  • 8 years ago

    For music, yes. Amazon uses the standard MP3 format and so does the iPod.

    Can't say about the video. Never tried that.

  • Jason
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    8 years ago

    Samsung Galaxy player.. It should be able to get the music from amazon too!

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