Can I get into Boise State University?

I am going to be a Junior in a week. So, I have not taken SAT or ACT.

Otherwise, my average GPA for my whole school year is about 3.5

But my last semester was about 3.9. And I will study my a** off the next two years. I will expect 4.0's the rest of the way.

I will end school with

5 Math credits (one honor class and one AP class)

4 Science credits (one honor class and one AP)

4 English credits

2 Foreign language classes

3 history classes (one honors, one is AP/Honors, and then a AP class)

Most of my elective classes were focused on business oriented classes (accounting, finance, office apps, and etc)

I do will not and have not joined any clubs.

I really want to get into Boise since it is a decent school, I love the town compared to a lot of other college's towns, and I live closer to family. So would you say I can get in?

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