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do u guys know any good professional wrestling in france?

i told my mother i wanted to be on WWE and she said she would pay everything even the professional wrestling school and since Im moving to france i would like to know if there is any good school?

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    Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes


    Association les Professionnels du Catch Nanterre Fausto Costantino 2005- Yes [30][31][32][33]

    Fédération Française de Catch Professionnel Wissous Henri Deglane

    Roger Delaporte

    Marc Mercier 1933


    2006- Yes [34][35][36][37]

    Force Francophone du Catch Toulouse Matthias Chalumeau 2004- Yes [8][38]

    N'Catch Tourcoing Ludivine Hugot 2009- Yes [8][39][40]

    International Catch Wrestling Alliance Laventie Pierre Fontaine 2002- Yes [8][41][42][43][44][45]

    International Wrestling Stars Federation Vincennes Flesh Gordon 1979- Yes [46]

    Queens of Chaos Toulouse Jerome Pourrut 2005- Yes [47]


    Fighting Spirit Federation Toulouse Laurent Pourrut

    Jerome Pourrut

    Sacha Puyssegur 2005-2007 Yes [48][49]

    Source(s): Hope it's not to confusing. Wikipedia
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