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Would these point out that Chris Benoit did NOT kill his family? +BQ?

So I've been researching Y!A and other news sites, and yes a bit of Wikipedia (not THAT reliable) and I came across some startling info.

Also thanks a ton to the user Melina Fan! :] and ThephenoM<3 for providing valuable information which saved alot of my time.

Chris called into the WWE saying that his son, Daniel, and his wife, Nancy, were sick and throwing up blood. He also told a co-worker that he was good friends with (according to Why would Chris Benoit lie about this to a good friend and the WWE? Wouldn’t he have told these people the truth about what he had done, if he did kill his wife and son (especially the one he was good friends with.) And if he did tell them, why didn’t they go to the police sooner? Also when autopsies were completed and the Fayetteville Police had the press conference about the suspected murder-suicide, they stated that Benoit had smothered his son (possibly with a pillow.) However, most news stations are now reporting that he killed his son using a choke-hold. how can someone go from smothering into a chokehold, and I think they just coined the term because he was a wrestler.

Also on Wikipedia a user from Stamford, Connecticut (where WWE Headquarters is located) posted on Chris Benoit’s page, mentioning the reason of why Benoit missed the live event of that evening was “stemming from the death of his wife Nancy.” This post was made several hours before the bodies of Chris, Nancy, and son Daniel were found by the police. Obviously Chris could not have updated this, because he was not in Connecticut, so who was it that knew?

Another huge coincidence was that When Eddie Guerrero died, he was supposed to become the WWE Champion the next day. Eddie Guerrero also died when he was in Houston, Texas. His death was blamed on the use of drugs, causing a heart attack. When Chris Benoit died, he was supposed to become the ECW Champion the next day. Chris Benoit also died when he was supposed to be going to Houston, Texas for a WWE Pay-Per-View. His death was blamed on the use of Steroids(drugs), causing him to get “roid-rage.” Both Eddie and Chris left WCW in 1999 together. They were also good friends, and both part of “the radicals.”

IF the murders were from “Roid Rage” like most news stations are saying it was, why did Chris place Bibles next to their bodies? Placing the Bibles next to the bodies shows that it was not an act of rage. And if Chris had just “snapped” and went crazy, I doubt he would have placed Bibles next to the bodies.

Couldn’t have Chris came home to find their bodies and decided not to call the police because they would blame him for the murders, so he placed the bibles next to their bodies and killed himself, so he didn’t have to live without them, because he loved them so much. And he texted his friends/co-workers his address so they would find his wife, his son, and his own bodies?

Everybody close to Chris has said that he loved and worshiped his son more than anything. Why would Chris kill his son? It doesn’t make sense. There is no motive. The Fayetteville Police also made the murder-suicide theory very, very quickly. Why did they automatically assume Chris was the killer?

Also the Bible thing makes my suspicion deeper on Kevin Sullivan murdering him, Kevin after all was somewhat of a devil worshiper himself. This whole Bible thing reinforces the fact that something religiously tied. Surely a guy on "roid rage" won't kill him family and place bibles and kill himself. Maybe it was something Chris did to protect their bodies from Kevin and his "followers" of demoic cult whatever. Just a theory, but it sounds factual.

So what do you think? Please share your ideas and thoughts. I know we should just let bygones be bygones, but here is so much left unclear as of the murder-suicide death. I mean ANYTHING might've happened that night and the police might've just kept shut because a "demonic killing" seems too unrealistic and unbelievable. So they could've just looked at stuff which pointed out Benoit as the perpetrator instead, just saying.

BQ: Agree or disagree, Kevin Sullivan had all the reason to kill Benoit.

He hated Benoit's family and even gave threats of killing him at some point, or so I hear. Plus he's a Satanist, so we might as well say he's pretty twisted in his mind, and could easily have lost his cool and went off and killed the Benoits.

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    There is a lot of ground to cover here and not a whole lot of space. I'm a huge Chris Benoit fan (still am); I've followed his career from Stampede to Japan to ECW to WCW to the WWE. To say that I was shocked and devastated about his death is putting it mildly. Unlike the vast majority of people I did not accept that "roid rage" BS that some internet news "reporter" spit out to scoop everybody else on the story. As a lifelong wrestling fan Chris Benoit meant a great deal to me. I want(ed) to know what really happened and I did a LOT of reading and research. First, yeah the investigation was done quickly and left a lot of questions unanswered. But reading all that material from a wide variety of sources, from medical experts, psychologists, friends of Benoit (and Nancy), the WWE, police investigators not tied to the case, etc, there are enough unanswered questions and "circumstantial evidence" that cases could made for a whole lot of people being the murderer, including Vince McMahon. I'll respond to your comments in order:

    Chris "called-in sick" because he was a professional who prided himself for always honoring his commitments. Even in his tortured last weekend he still did not want to just no-show and put his boss on the spot. That "good friend" was Chavo Guerrero. By giving Chavo those cryptic messages he actually did tell Chavo that something was wrong and that somebody should get to his house. He didn't use the word "dead" so Chavo didn't immediately call the police or tell Vince; he just figured to call Chris after the show. But after phone calls went unanswered (not just from Chavo) the police were called to do a "welfare check" (generally for the elderly, but also when other people don't respond to phone calls or knocks and something appears wrong). A wrestler using a "lethal" submission hold to murder somebody is more sensationalistic than just saying he smothered him with a pillow. News media love sensationalism and they never let facts get in the way of "good" sensationalism.

    The wiki "update" was from one of those teenagers who believe altering wiki articles with misinformation and outright lies, is hilarious. This was a bizarre coincidence but he was grilled by the police for several hours then finally released; the police satisfied he had nothing to do with the murders.

    I don't believe Houston and/or WWE titles had anything to do with it. There was no evidence to support that.

    It was NOT "roid rage". That was a knee-jerk reaction, based on belief that all pro wrestlers use steroids, that some internet hack spit out so he could scoop everybody else on the story without having to do any research. Few people questioned the "roid rage" BS because of that belief. "Roid rage" was disproved very quickly. The bibles were placed, in my opinion, because Chris believed Nancy and Daniel would go to heaven.

    The house was locked when police came for the "welfare check". They had to get a neighbor (who Nancy had given a spare key) to unlock the front door. Could somebody have killed the Benoits then locked the doors on his way out? Sure. But Chris was not a man to shirk responsibilities. If he HAD come home to find his wife and son murdered he would have called the police immediately. He might have killed himself but he would have called the police about his wife and son first. If he was going to kill himself anyway he would have no reason to NOT call the police if he had found his wife and son dead.

    So why WOULD Chris kill his son? Now the hard part, trying to psychoanalyze a man with a damaged brain further damaged by drug use, who isn't here anymore. I'll give it a shot. Compounding his damaged brain and drug (ab)use were the facts that he was getting older, no longer the "rabid wolverine" he'd been in the past, his value as a main eventer was diminishing, and he was on the "C" show (champion or not, doesn't matter). Engulfing all of that was the Depression he was suffering, brought on by far too many of his friends dying in rapid succession, especially his best friend Eddie, and his failing marriage. If you saw the Eddie WWE tribute show you saw the boys and girls giving little anecdotes and tributes to Eddie. And you saw Chris, a man who's soul had been crushed by the death of his best friend (even "soul mate"), crying his heart out, barely able to speak at all. All of those people close to Chris dying young one by one. What wasn't made well-known was another close friend of Chris' (from his Stampede days), Biff Wellington, had just died, too (a couple days prior to Chris killing himself), at age 42. I believe Chris just gave up on this world as a suitable place for his son, so he "sent" him on to the next one (perhaps Chris saw the bibles as their "tickets" to get into heaven). Nancy, too, because the boy needed his mother. Chris drugged both of them so they wouldn't feel any pain. Nobody else would have.

    Source(s): BQ: Kevin Sullivan had reason and motive to kill Chris and Nancy, but not Daniel. Chris "stole" Sullivan's wife; while that is not an acceptable defense in Court, most guys believe that's a damn good reason for killing the "no-good rotten bastard" who stole his wife. Sullivan was questioned by police and had enough witnesses to verify that he was nowhere near Houston that weekend. In any event, the police were satisfied that Sullivan was not a suspect and he was dismissed as such. It took a while for me to accept it, but Chris is the one who killed the Benoits.
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    How did Benoit hang himself from a weight machine though that would be pretty difficult I don't care if your are strong as an ox.. To be able to hold 250 lbs of weight while wrapping a cable around your throat. Also look at Mick Foley he has to have way more brain damage than Benoit he has been hit in the head handcuffed by the Rock at the Royal Rumble I Quit match 20 to 20 times no protection his brain would be way worse especially from all the chair shots he took to the head which is way more than Benoit ever even came close too, the diving headbutt if it connected with the person on the mat then it wouldn't do that much damage because Daniel Bryan uses it, if it was the diving headbutt that did the damage.. Look at it though Sullivan if he was a high ranking member of the satanic church could have easily had some minions kill the family and VPN's can change IP addresses so maybe he was the one that initially changed the wikipedia remark about Nancy to gloat at his work. Charles Mason had his family kill multiple people, how do we know Kevin Sullivan didn't do that with Benoit?? There are way too many lose ends and maybe the reason that Benoit's friends aren't standing up for him is because they are too afraid they maybe next, could be what happened to Eddie, Kevin could have took Eddie out too just to push Benoit.. The weekend before Vengeance 10 years after he stole the love of Kevin's life and Benoit, Nancy and Daniel are all killed it just seems way to fishy to be and open and shut case and I don't care either way Benoit was one of the best wrestlers to grace a ring and I will remember that Benoit.. I don't think he did it and why can't the police find his cell phone and how the hell from TOD which was either that Friday or Saturday did Benoit send out text Sunday dead men can't text .. Foul Play is what I believe.. look at all of it Benoit loved his family he loved the business and why if he went to fit of rage would he lie and say his wife and son had food poisoning, he wouldn't unless someone was making him say these things?? very very fishy

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    How Did Chris Benoit Died

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    Murder = Means + Motive + Opportunity Intent???

    Means = Anybody could have grabbed a pillow from the bed. Millions know how to perform a chokehold. Could be anybody

    Motive = Sullivan had plenty. Benoit was argued to have "roid rage"

    Opportunity = Where was Sullivan when the crime happened? Was he even in the state? Benoit had all the opportunity in the world; it was HIS house. Very few had the opportunity.

    Intent = Has Sullivan killed before? Everybody has been wronged at least once in their life. Has Sullivan made any other threats and act upon them in any way? Anybody else in his "cult?" A lot of people threaten to kill somebody, and very few go through with it.


    --- Benoit had the means and the opportunity. The motive is kinda blurred with "roid rage." Benoit was the prime suspect, and his "alleged" suicide made his guilt look far more likely. People don't kill themselves when somebody else murders their family, and who can kill a pro wrestler will leaving behind some kind of DNA? Once Benoit's death was ruled a suicide, police just closed the case and didn't bother with any loose ends. Not the best way to end the case, just the most cost and time-effective.

    BQ Yeah, he had the motive.

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    Chris Benoit Death

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    hated Benoit's family and even gave threats of killing him at some point, or so I hear. Plus he's a Satanist, so we might as well say he's pretty twisted in his mind, and could easily have lost his cool and went off and killed the Benoits.

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    I read all the information and I have to say it is pretty impressive, but there's still proof that Chris Benoit murdered his family. Benoit's brain was that of an 80 year old man with Dementia. The warning signs were there that Benoit was in pain and that he needed help ASAP. NOBODY would kill their son/wife if they loved them to death. I mean Benoit loved his son and he loved his wife, and only somebody like Benoit who had a ****** up brain and had a brain of that of a dementia patient would end up killing their son and wife. This changed Benoit's brain and his ways of thinking, which caused him to kill.

    Plus, Kevin Sullivan was in another state when this all happened. Sullivan DID have beef with Benoit and he didn't like the guy, but that doesn't mean he would kill him. Jim Cornette hates the **** out of Russo but he won't kill him, because he's smarter than that. Shawn Michaels hated Bret Hart but he wouldn't kill him because he knew better. Kevin Sullivan disliked Benoit, but it didn't mean he was planning to kill.

    You see alot of people jump to conclusions, but they have to think.. why in the world would Kevin Sullivan kill Chris Benoit, and hang him in his weightlifting room? Who the hell murders somebody like that? It just doesn't make any sense to me. So you're saying Kevin Sullivan took the time to take a noose, hang it around Benoit's neck and leave him hanging on the weights? NOBODY.. and I mean Nobody was known for killing somebody and hanging them up in a weightlifting room. It not only seems farfetched but it also seems really stupid. I think that whole thing alone just proves that Benoit killed his family and himself just due to the fact he hung himself only a person committing suicide would do, and the fact his brain that was deteriorating.

    BQ: No. Sullivan hated Benoit and he more or less didn't want to see him again, but no he didn't kill Benoit nor would he have any reason at all to kill him.

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    Chris called into the WWE... and Smothering to chokehold

    -- um... Killer's Lie....

    -- as to method of death: have you never seen a CSI, theories get revised... if the Body was 2+ days dead, it takes time to see everything... they may have noticed 'Petechial hemorage" and known it was suffocation, but placement on the bed would lead you to assume smothered... after evaluating the evidence they could know exactly how airflow was blocked (also likely the media jumped teh gun and reported on it before any facts were in (more often than not a body in a bed, one would assume suffocation w/o signs of a wound)

    Wikipedia a user from Stamford, 'reported 'the death of his wife Nancy.”

    -- this was debunked within hours... as pure coincidence... Death reports on Wiki are a weekly appearance... this guy 'got lucky' and happened to post at a time when someone actually died

    Eddie Guerrero/ Both Eddie and Chris left WCW in 1999 together. They were also good friends,

    -- Eddie died in MN, not TX... the show was a double taping of Raw and SD! on a Sunday Night Eddie Died in the overnight hours of a MN Hotel

    -- they were BFFs, who'd moved through many companies together, Eddied died November 05, Chris Died July 07... perhaps Eddie was Chris' "Morality Chain' w/o Eddie's friendship Chris had one less thing to live for

    -- the wwECW belt was never on par with the WWE/WHC, and Chris could have easily viewed being put into wwECW as a Demotion, whereas Eddie's planned WHC win was a continued push

    why did Chris place Bibles next to their bodies? Placing the Bibles next to the bodies shows that it was not an act of rage.

    -- the murders occured by all accounts from Friday Night to Sunday Morning... the general theory is that Nancy died Friday, Daniel Died Saturday, and Chris killed himself on Sunday if he 'snapped' on Nancy he has 2 days to 'find jesus' not to go all procedural but the order of evenst was likely

    1 Chris and Nancy fight

    2. Chris Kills Nancy

    3. he leaves her body in their room,

    4. he tends to Daniel as if nothing happened, keeping the boy in another section of the house

    5. he realizes that he'll go to prison, and in his damaged mind thinks it better to kill the Boy than leave him w/ a dead mother and murderer father

    6. he kills the Boy

    7. he places the bibles

    8. he texts Chavo a series of vague/odd messages

    9. he kills himself

    Couldn’t have Chris came home to find their bodies...

    -- doubtful... when loved ones die, the first reaction of normal people isn't OMG i'm a suspect... even if the thoughts you describe crossed his mind... there would have been an aborted 911 call while those ideas came to him

    Why would Chris kill his son?

    -- Family Anhilators... he was so self centered he didn't think his son could/should live w/o him.. if you want to give him credit maybe he felt it better to "send him to his mother"

    There is no motive.

    -- he had Brain damage and was chemically unstable, no motive needed

    Why did they automatically assume Chris was the killer?

    -- Dead wife: Husband is always on the top of the list... that he was found hanging on scene... also note that the Bodies were found Sunday Night... Muder/Suicide was only announced on the Monday 10PM News... remember WWE aired a 3 hour "memorial service' from an Empty Arena... meaning that Chris was 'still Innocent in the eyes of the Public' at 8/7Central Monday night

    -- it wasn't automatic

    Bible thing/ Kevin Sullivan/devil worshiper

    --- IF a Satanist, had done something, the Bibles would have been marked/modified... a satanist leaving a plain bible behind would be akin to a White Supremacist wearing Islamist garb... and the cops would have found signs that it was a mis-direct

    "roid rage"

    -- is unpredictable... and to place bibles to 'protect their souls would imply giving creedence to the power of their 'dark lord'

    BQ: Agree or disagree, Kevin Sullivan had all the reason to kill Benoit.

    -- Disagree... Sullivane pushed them together over 8 years before the Murders... why wait so long...when people plan to kill there is an inciting incident that flips the switch.. surly their hooking up, or WCW folding, or nancy being pregnant w/ Daniel, any/all of these would have triggered homicidal intent from an Ex husband... and if you go back to Satanism as Motive... you're still left with why them... surely easier sacrifices could have been found

    even if you remove 'roid rage' which you keep trying to use as cover.. you still have 20 years of head trauma, and he was being Demoted to wwECW, he'd also lost his Best friend les than 2 years prior... those 3 things give 10 times more motive to Benoit than anyone else

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    I enjoyed your logic and reasoning behind the unfortunate death of Chris Benoit and his family but I highly doubt any of that can actually be true. Before I voice my opinion, I think it needs to be said that we need to let this circumstance fade away already. We've tried over the years to prove the case of Benoit not killing his wife and son with clues that we don't know and propaganda that the general public has attempted to justify. None of us were at the house of Benoit during the murder. None of us were at the police precinct questioning the witnesses and pulling out the pieces. None of us were in the WWE Headquarters figuring out the information. We use our own, personal nonsense and try to mold it into something that makes sense and in the end, it doesn't matter because quite honestly, we're not behind the curtains. We'll never know if our logic is THE logic, plain and simple.

    I highly doubt this case had anything to do with steroids. You're correct in the case that the media immediately coins the steroid story because that has plagued professional wrestling for so long, starting with "Superstar" Billy Graham, Hulk Hogan, Eddie Guerrero.. the list is endless. But forcing that upon every superstar is just absurd. I think Benoit just snapped after the loss of Eddie Guerrero, the extreme schedule that WWE enforces and of course, the Headbutts that caused his brain to practically melt. I realize that's the go-to excuse but it was proven by a trained professional and facts are facts. I think he returned home, killed his family members, recognized what he had done and placed Bibles next to their bodies to somehow imply the fact that they were staple members for Heaven. This also lead to the decision of him killing himself, knowing he could not live with the mere thought of his wife and son dead at his hands.

    Personally, Benoit fans need to stop defending him regarding this case. I have nothing against Benoit as a professional wrestler but this is a murder AND a suicide. This actually stems to most celebrities. Had this been a regular, everyday man, would you actually be defending him? I doubt it. Of course he accomplished much in his career. Of course he's one of the greatest technicians that ever stepped into the ring. But that shouldn't subtract from the fact that he committed a sin that is simply impossible to fix. I respect him concerning his career but overall, people need to start looking at the reality.

    Kevin Sullivan had nothing to do with this. He wasn't even in the area according to witnesses. Impossible.

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    Why does everything have to be some kind of conspiracy theory? Why can't people just accept that he killed his family, and himself. He was messed up in the head, and it was just a matter of time til he snapped.

    While I (and many others) believe the police did not do a thorough-enough investigation they DID question Kevin Sullivan. Sullivan was never considered a suspect...or if he was, the police ruled him out after questioning him. Sullivan was never charged with any sort of crime connected to the Benoits, not even as an accomplice. I don't believe Sullivan had anything to do with it.

    Benoit had numerous serious health problems, not the least of which was his damaged brain. He was also a drug addict and suffering from Depression. We'll probably never know exactly what set him off to kill his family and himself, but Benoit was in need of serious professional help before that weekend. Kevin Sullivan didn't kill the Benoits. Chris Benoit did.

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