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Anyone been to Vanuatu, Tahiti or Cook Islands?

My boyfriend and I are considering going to either Vanuatu, Tahiti or the Cook Islands for a holiday in April next year.

Just wondering if anyone has been to any of these places and could suggest which would be the better one to go to.

We're from Melbourne, Australia so we don't want to pay more than $1,000 AUD for return flights each.

I also don't want to go somewhere that's going to be expensive.

Any advice that you could give would be appreciated.

2 Answers

  • mstess
    Lv 6
    9 years ago
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    I've been to Tahiti and the Cook Islands (Rarotonga) Raro is much cheaper than Tahiti and just as beautiful. Tahiti is extremely expensive, and if you go to some of the other Tahitian Islands like Bora Bora, they are super expensive. Atutaki Cook Islands is very similar to Bora Bora and just as beautiful.

    Both places are great. I actually liked the Cook Islands better. Liked driving a scooter around and checking out different places to eat and different beaches. I thought the snorkleing was better there too, although the water in Tahiti is pretty nice. If it comes down to price, I think the Cooks will definatley be cheaper.

    We stayed at the Rarontongan Beach Resort. It was good, but if we went back I'd go for one of the smaller run hotels like the Moana Sands.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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