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Can't sleep until 2-3AM every day since August 2011, sleeping through random classes, help?

So I start high school tomorrow (monday the 13th of August) and ever since last year, I just one day couldn't sleep at all for three days when it all started, and by day three I was hallucinating beyond my wildest thoughts. Then I finally got to sleep at 5PM after getting home and kept sleeping until 8:35 right when I had to go to the bus. I had a normal day at school, but when I got home, I did homework and such, then went to bed. I couldn't fall asleep until 3AM (I check the time when I think 15 minutes pass) and slept and woke up at a normal time of 7AM resulting in four hours of sleep, thirty minutes short of my minimum sleep requirement (I can barely manage a normal day with 4 1/2 hours of sleep). I appeared fine from 8AM to 10AM, and by then something just snapped and I was in and out until lunch at 11:30AM. (By the way I have ADD/ODC)

Right when the lunch bell rings, I get up and almost feel like normal again, making everyone believe I was making it up. I got about three detentions for it (I slept through two of them) and I kept saying "it's this it's that" since when I try explain stuff I don't know the name to, I just start throwing stuff out there. (I've made a sleep schedule based on when I usually fall asleep in class- Wake up at 7/7:30, go to bus stop at 8:35, arrive at school at 9:05, fine until 10:15 or so, then from 10:15 to 11:30, it's constantly putting my head down and up, but during that time I'm fine then dead, then I'm fine until 3:50 and start getting tired around 3:50 to 4:15 when we dismiss.)

It's been like this for about a year now and I have never taken something like Benadryl just to get me to sleep (yet now I have an excuse since I developed a cat allergy, but I still haven't taken the meds.)

I'm genuinely concerned that I'm not going to do good my most important part of high school, and I really need help badly. I know I'm screwed if I sleep during class, and I don't need to go to detention for not being able to help myself. I don't have more than three caffeinated drinks a day ever, and I don't drink caffeinated drinks on Sundays and school days past four. I shower in warm water every night and morning and have warm milk around 30 minutes before I go up to bed. No one believes that I'm being honest about my situation, so I just say something like "I'm concerned someone's gonna break in" or such, even though we have a decent alarm system.

Can anyone help me based off of that situation?

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    Im a little bit the same but a bit different from your situation. I start high school next week so it's something i need to fix soon. ever since last year, around august, I've been having trouble falling asleep even if im really tired. it's always during august around the time when it's time to go back to school and it's so annoying. I always end up sleeping until 12 or maybe 11 but then i go back to sleep and wake up at 12. so what you should do is stay up all night on purpose. stay up til like 5, then take a shower all that good stuff and take a quick nap before it's time to go to school. stay up throughout the day in the morning drink a rockstar or an amp so that you don't fall asleep in class unless you can handle it without drinking anything. and when you come home do your homework, have dinner, and all that jazz, go lay down at about 10 pm. see how this works out for ya. there's also drinks that put you at ease like Neuro Bliss are drinks that support relaxation. the last time I drank one, it put me to sleep. try it to see if it works.

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    Well from what I know about ADD is that caffeine actually makes you sleepy. So i'd suggest quitting caffeine during the day. I would also stay awake for an extra long day on purpose. Like wake up at 6-7am and stay awake the complete day until 8-10pm. You should wake up around the normal time, probably a tad earlier.

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    melastonin pills arent a sedative but may normalise yous sleep cycle

    I also think you are being too stubborn and should take sedatives for a while

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