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My son received a baby turtle he came with pellets that he wont eat I was tld to give him ham he doesnt want ?

Help me pls . he is a tiny turtle with a yellow bottom shell ... He doesnt want pellets ham or lettuce anymore... Please help me

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    Is the turtle properly being housed? If their water temp is at an uncomfortable temperature, it simply will not eat. Otherwise wait a few days, than drop in a pellet and leave the room. New turtles need time to settle in and are shy eating around new people. If he still won't take the pellet, you'll have to move to either live store bought insects, soaking his food into tuna water (from canned tuna), or a small piece of salmon might do the trick.

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    You can try some frozen krill, they usually love that stuff. But seriously, he/she might not want to eat. Is there enough water? I think some people get confused about that. We have 6 red ear slider turtles, had them about 3 years (they are huge) and the only time I've ever seen any of them eat is when they are under water. They just pick the food off the top of the water like fish. But if he's tiny, and has been moved from place to place a lot, he might just not feel comfortable/safe enough to eat. I don't know how your set up is, but I would say get a small like 10gal fish tank, fill it half way with water, get a little turtle dock (they are like $6 at petsmart) a fake underwater bush, and a uv light, and he try feeding him again, then wait. Sometimes my turtles go days without eating.

    If you have more questions, I can try to answer them for you!

    Good luck.

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    It sounds like you should try a trick I do sometimes with my two painted turtles try giving them shrimp like the kind you get at the grocery store raw is best but cooked work to feed them that for a few days to a week then go back to pellets

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    Ok it doesn't sound like you s pent the proper 200$ getting the right cage and lighting requirements etc

    If im wrong im sorry.RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH!

    DONT BUY FROM PETCO OR PETSMART or ask them anything about animals sorry if anyone is actually a knowlegable guy in this field who works there.

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    That happened with me too! All I did was split the pellets in half because they were too big for him to eat. Also my turtle loved chopped up carrots! :)

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    I would go to the vet asap. You need to know what type of turtle you have before knowing anything on how to house it properly.

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