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Here comes round 3 of Alex's hockey-related questions...?

1. Whose deserved the Conn Smythe the most in 1999? (Even though Joe won it, I think Belfour should've gotten it)

A. Joe Nieuwendyk

B. Eddie Belfour

C. Dominik Hasek

2. Who deserved it the most in the 2000 NHL playoffs? (even though Stevens won, I think Brodeur should've won it)

A. Scott Stevens

B. Martin Brodeur

C. Ed Belfour

D. Jason Arnott

3. Nothing against Lidstrom, but do you think in a way Yzerman got robbed of a Conn Smythe Trophy in 2002? (the guy willed us to win the Series vs Vancouver and played with a bad knee and still scored 23 points in the playoffs)

4. Why did the Buffalo Sabres let Briere and Drury go after the 2006-07 NHL season?

5. If the 1999 Dallas Stars took on the 2006 Carolina Hurricanes, who would win? Why?

6. If the 2000 New Jersey Devils took on the 2007 Anaheim Ducks, who would win? Why?

7. If the 2001 Colorado Avalanche took on the 2008 Detroit Red Wings, who would win? Why?

8. Most overrated coach in the NHL? Why?

9. The worst coach in the NHL? Why?

10. When do you see the Islanders make it back to the playoffs?

11. If the 2007 Anaheim Ducks took on the 2011 Boston Bruins, who would win?

12. Out of these seven games series, which one on this list did you like watching the most?

A. Red Wings Vs. Ducks in 2009

B. Hurricanes Vs. Devils in 2009

C. Hurricanes Vs. Sabres in 2006

D. Hurricanes Vs. Oilers in 2006

E. Stars Vs. Avalanche in 1999

F. Red Wings Vs. Avalanche in 2002

G. Canucks Vs. Blackhawks in 2011

H. Boston Bruins Vs. Tampa Bay Lightning in 2011

I. Penguins vs. Red Wings 2009 Stanley Cup Final

J. Flyers Vs. Devils 2000 Eastern Conference Final

K. Avalanche Vs. Devils 2001 Stanley Cup

L. Flames Vs. Lightning 2004 Stanley Cup

13. Is Chris Pronger a hall of fame lock?

14. Do you think Bruce Boudreau ruined Alex Ovechkin's hockey career? Why?

15. Most underrated team in the league?

16. Most overrated team in the league?

17. Most accurate shooter in the NHL?

18. Least accurate shooter in the NHL?

19. If the 2006 Carolina Hurricanes took on the 2011 Boston Bruins, who would win?

20. What about 2004 Tampa Bay Lightning Vs. 2011 Tampa Bay Lightning?

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    1. In the greatest goaltending finals probably ever, I think the winning goalie, Eddie Balfour, should have won.

    2.I think Stevens was fine for the Conn Smythe.

    3. Hmm... you bring up a good point for that. I don't know, you may be right.

    4. Well, I am pretty sure that they might have been distracted by needing to match Thomas Vanek's offer sheet to Edmonton. It remains the saddest sports day of my life.

    5. The '99 Stars had better goaltending.

    6. the '00 Devils were more well rounded.

    7. the '08 Wings had more experience

    8. Alain Vigneault.

    9. I really can't think of one here.

    10. It will be at least another 5 years.

    11. 2011 Bruins

    12. I. 2009 cup final

    13. No

    14. No. He just needs to get re-motivated.

    15. St. Louis

    16. Washington

    17. Jamie Benn

    18. Can't think of one.

    19. 2011 Bruins

    20. 2011

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    1. Balfour

    2. Stevens

    3. Yes and no, if you could split the Conn Smythe in two, then you would have it. But it was a tough call.

    4. Contracts went up, and onto the UFA

    5. 1999 Stars, to be honest I think Carolina had one good year, their Cup was a fluke

    6. 2000 Devils, they had it together more than the 2007 Ducks

    7. 2001 Avs, they had a better season I think

    8. Torts. Don't get me wrong, the man is amazing at his job. But he is so hyped up, he is one of the first names that come to mind when I think of NHL Coaches. And his $20,000 fine for bashing the Pens (even though I agreed with everything he said), didn't look too great either.

    9. Randy Carlyle. He won the Cup with Anaheim, but it all just went downhill from there

    10. They won't be seeing it for a long time. As long as they have to deal with the Pens, Flyers and Rangers in their division. That's a really tough break, they'd need all the help they could get just to crack the top 8

    11. Boston, just because.

    12. Bruins and Lightning was a really good series

    13. Nope

    14. Yep. Ovie could do so much more if he wasn't glued to the Caps.

    15. Sabres, I don't think that they get all the credit that they deserve, because they really are a fantastic team

    16. Penguins

    17. Chara

    18. That's impossible to pinpoint one

    19. Bruins, again because I say so

    20. 2004 Lightning

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