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about paragon migrate os to SSD?

I want to upgrade my acer aspire 4530 160gb hard drive to 500gb. can i use paragon migrate os to ssd to clone my hard drive? if yes, do i only need to connect my new hard drive to my laptop with sata to usb adapter and just run paragon migrate os to ssd then switch the hard drive or i need to do something else?

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    Looks like a good product....

    You may need to input preferences for partition sizes as your new drive is larger..

    Seems you have all the required hardware if it comes with the power adapter also, some advice ..

    Be for you even start cloning any thing boot your computer from its current drive then connect the new drive this will install any required drivers and will be available once you complete the clone operation..

    The other is make sure you do not allow your computer to boot after the clone operation with both drives connected. !!!!

    Your computer will reassign the drive letters otherwise ( There can be only one C drive)


    I have cloned with free software ( http://www.easeus.com/disk-copy/home-edition/)

    But this may not be as suited to SSD as paragon.

    I hope this paragon is not a gimmick as normally to obtain best performance from a SSD the OS should be clean installed and not cloned.

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  • 4 years ago

    do no longer try to migrate your OS from one tension to a diverse. I repeat do no longer attempt. because of the fact :- a million)It takes distinctive time and if there is any means failure then you incredibly have not got any OS neither on your hdd or ssd. additionally it might injury your drives. 2)as quickly as you install an OS it immediately optimizes itself and makes itself delicate with its linked hardware factors. shifting it might reason extensive overall performance decreases.

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