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3. In which one of the following sentences is capitalization used correctly?

A. Alexandria Egypt is named after Alexander the Great of macedonia.

B. Alphonse, who was born in Algeria, spoke both French and English.

C. Alice stood up at her desk and said, "who's for coffee and donuts?"

D. The meadows of the Valley are filled with yellow flowers each Spring.

8.Regarding the appropriate use of parentheses, all of the following statements are correct, except which one?

A. Parentheses may be used to emphasize a counter argument.

B. Parentheses may be used to explain a phrase or clause.

C. Parentheses may be used to de-emphasize some portion of a sentence.

D. Parentheses may be used to enclose and provide supplemental information.

9. Which one of the following words may be either a subject or an object pronoun?

A. I

B. Us

C. Ours

D. You

14. In a well-written paragraph, the explanatory sentences are appropriate responses to the _______ sentence of the paragraph.

A. topic

B. theoretical

C. concluding

D. leading

17.Which one of the following statements accurately reflects a rule for the use of abbreviations?

A. The abbreviation "B.C." should be associated with a number, such as 44 B.C.

B. The abbreviations "p.m." and "P.M. can be used interchangeably within a document.

C. The abbreviation "Ph.D." may be written only in conjunction with a proper name.

D. The symbol "$" may stand alone in a sentence, because it's a familiar symbol.

18.Which one of the following sentences contains an error in the use of a hyphen?

A. The view from the water tower offers a bird's-eye view of Blair Mountain.

B. Lucy identified forty-four errors in the marketing report.

C. Jacob's carefully-laid plans for the backyard garden were abandoned.

D. It was decided to re-form the machine parts into a new design.

19.Select the sentence that is punctuated correctly.

A. She declared that "Jane's soufflé should win the blue ribbon."

B. The aroma of Hershey's chocolate factory could be detected for miles.

C. The rain may stop by noon, however, we still can't attend the picnic.

D. The dog had it's collar caught on a branch.

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    Ok these questions just need a little thinking out

    3. For A. macedonia should be capitalized, C. "who's is the start of a sentence within a sentence, and D. valley and spring should not be capitalized as they are not proper nouns. That leaves B. to be the correct statement.

    8. A. would be the incorrect statement as counter aguments are not in parentheses but made as a seperate statement or even better a seperate paragraph.

    9. Let me give you this statemment and see if it helps. "The game is ours!"

    14. The first sentence of a paragraph is always the topic of said paragraph. The rest of the paragraph supports the topic sentance.

    17. A fits this question as with the p.m. statement any document should always be consistant. If you use pm for one spot then it should be pm throughout. If c is correc then the statement "I am going for my Ph. D." would be incorrect right? A $ should always follow an amount, if it does not then the word dollar should be used.

    18 D is the incorrect answer reform is one word not 2.

    19. "Jane's soufflé should win the blue ribbon." does not need quotation marks in this sentence. The rain may stop by noon, however, we still can't attend the picnic, should be noon; and it's should be its. Hershey's is correct because the company owns the chocolate factory.

    I hope that tis help you answer the questions. Lisa

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    Explanatory Sentences

  • 3.B




    the rest i have no idea. sorry

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    Well, it depends..

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