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Do you think Tebow could win the starting QB job over Sanchez?

We all know Rex says that Sanchez is his man. But if Tebow has an impressive pre season could roles switch and the starting QB for the Jets is Tebow?

BQ TRIVIA : What famous football player has his son has a backup QB for the Jets?

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    No. Unless the Jets put in a spread option for Tebow, then he is an average QB at best. Phil Simms son Matt plays for the Jets.

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    I believe so.Jets wont look at what Sanchez has acomplished but what Sanchez is doing at the time.Which (Based on last season) wasint too great.Tebow may not be the "best" QB, but he brings a team leadership factor that I dont believe Sanchez has.I think Sanchez will let the pressure hit him around week 4-6 and Tebow will replace him simply because that would have most likely happened last year but the Jets didint have the QB that could replace Sanchez.Another reason I believe Tebow will take over is because Tebow and Rex are a match made in heaven.If you know Rex,you know his football philosophy is to "Ground and Pound" which explains Tebow perfectly.He turned the Broncos into the #1 rushing offense in the league.AND Tony Sparano ran the wildcat in his college years so that also fits in with Mr.Tebow.All these thing stack up which is why it makes no sense for there to even be a QB Battle.It should have been handed to Tebow when he came.

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    No I don't think so, Sanchez is going to remain the starting QB. Tebow looks like he into all the media. Tebow need to stop worrying about that and start playing football. This is football not no show for tebow the only reason y ppl think he good is because the media over hype him which the NFL in reality know he not good they just go with it to make more money as long as ppl join the tebow ban wagon they don't care. Sanchez will remain the starting QB and that final

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    Tebow will not replace Sanchez in the pre-season, but I have no doubt he will during the regular. The clamor of the fans will be unbearable after 1-2 bad games by Sanchez. Tebow named starter by week 7 if not before.

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    With Sanchez leading his team to the playoffs 3/4 years(2 in a row were AFC Champion games), I don't even see a slight increase of that happening... Tebow has tons to prove as far as being a "successor" in the NFL; and frankly, I don't see his little comeback wins anything special if it takes him 4 quarters just to get "hot".

    Preseason is nothing compared to regular, because for the vet's its just a bonus practice session, where they can "warm up".. its only the rookies who truly care, because they want to reserve their roles.

    Tebow will make a great backup, for now, with a postseason win under his belt... But Sanchez is on his way to being considered an elite QB, just as long as he can get his men back into the postseason this year.

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    Doesn't matter. Takes both of them to add up to one really good QB.

    Sanchez throws way too many interceptions and is no threat on the run.

    Tebow is not a longball passer,but runs like a halfback.....till he suffers the fate of ALL great scrambling quarterbacks, Tarkenton,Staubach,McNabb,Vick they get caught,they get hurt,they knock it off and save it for emergencies.

    Difference is these guys could pass.

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    Yes, definitely.

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