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What is Mitt Romney's base?

What does Mitt Romney actually believe in?

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    Romney's base was a mystery to me as well.

    I am an active Tea Party member. I've never talked to anyone who admitted voting for Romney.

    A friend of mine was a Republican precinct captain. He went to the Republican Primary nomination meeting in his district. He was surprised to see that all of the other precinct captains were clean cut young men in crisp white shirts. He didn't know any of them, but they all knew each other. Each precinct captain was allowed to say a short piece about the candidate he supported and why the others should vote that candidate. All of the other precinct captains gave a robotic speech about Romney. The vote result was 23 votes for Romney and one vote for Gingrich.

    My friend's experience was very revealing about Romney's base.

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    he knows the tax weight the middle class is getting burdened with. He doesn't focus on the rich because they can survive. Democrats focus all on the poor even if it means pounding the middle class and high class. The high class deserve it because they worked hard to get there.

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    Wall Street types who don't care about the poor (or the middle class for that matter).

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    His base is Corporate CEOs and then religiously conservative people mostly in rural districts.

    He believes that at the highest level of heaven (there are three in Mormonism), you are given your own planet to be the God of.

    This is actual Mormon doctrine.


    Source(s): I was raised in the Great State of Utah.
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    People who have brains and arent commies.

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