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Kitten won't eat his prescription wet food?

Okay, so on Tuesday my kitten ( 1y/o male) has a case of diarrhea then it "firmed" then went back to diarrhea. So yesterday we took him to the vet and the doctor prescribed us this food>

Just in case you can't see its and ID food brand for cats with Gastrointestinal Problems. Last night we gave him some, but he wouldn't take. So we tried again this morning and refused again. Then I tried to mix it with other food but he knew it was there. What do I do? Is there anything I can do? Do I contact the vet again? Thanks.


Its the canned type and I have tried disguising it with his regular canned food. But he isn't stupid so once he took a bite and tasted the prescription food refused.

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    Eh, forget it. :) I would venture to say something else is going on here if he was eating canned food before and diarrhea started now. Possibly he developed an intolerance to one of the ingredients in his canned food but there are other possibilities as well. Did the vet look at a stool sample for parasites? Does your cat go outside or did you bring any new cats home recently? If he didn't check stool sample that should be done. If you brought any new cats home or he goes outside he may have picked up a bug and it wouldn't hurt to try something like metronidazole even if no parasites are found, because some things don't always show up on stool samples. That would have to come from the vet.

    On your own you could try mixing plain pumpkin (from a can or your garden) into his food to firm up his stool. You could also try probiotics like that in plain yogurt or in probiotics made specifically for cats from the pet store or online. You could also try a different canned food such as a grain free canned food or a limited ingredient canned food such as those by Natural Balance. But I would try pumpkin and probiotics first to rule out a temporary hurdle.

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    Has your cat had this problem for a while? I don't know why else the Dr would prescribe this food for him. Did he do a fecal on him? Usually these prescription diets are not all that great. I was feeding my older cat the KD diet, but now I'm looking into different foods instead. You should look online at the Dr Mercola website and check out Dr Becker, the vet on there. She's got some really good ideas for alternative treatments.

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    Yes, but he may outgrow this problem if he has a sensitive stomach. You will really need to disguise the food by adding a gravy or perhaps a little tuna juice to it. Most cats can't stand these specialized prescription foods so it takes some doing for them to eat it. If you are giving him any milk at all, this could be the reason for the diarrhea.

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    Your kitten is smart. You don't want to feed that stuff. It isn't close to good or even healthy for cats

    Get some acodopholous from a health food store and give 1/8th a teaspoon in the food 2x a day. It has no taste. If you can only get in pill form them 1/4 pill crushed in food 2x a day

    Feed proper food for the species Canned foods no gravy no sauce aandif you can afford it, no grains

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    This is a question of dominance. Cats can actually change their consistency of their feces depending on their hormones. If the cat feels dominant then it will continue to defy you therefore, you approach your cat as if you have good intentions, pick it up and maybe scratch it on the head a little. Then, you lift it high above your head and SMASH IT INTO THE GROUND!!! The cat will surely land on its feet so you have to smash it hard so the body hits the floor. The cat may poop on the floor after this procedure so you may want to do it on tile or outside in the driveway. The more people that see this procedure done the better because the cat will be embarassed. You will therefore have asserted your dominance over the cat and it will poop solid fecal matter again. Your welcome.

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    Is it the dry food version or canned version??,most cats in general prefer the canned version since its rich in moisture and highly palatable and easy to digest.The dry version is ok,but most cats dislike it.When my cat had loose stools I fed him the canned version of ID and in three days his stools were back to normal.

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