WDYT of my top 3 names for each gender (+BQs)?

♀ Top 3 Girl Names:

1. Abigail Maxine "Abby"

2. Katherine Grace "Kate"

3. Sophia Elisabeth "Sophie"

♂ Top 3 Boy Names:

1. James David "James"

2. Zachary Kevin "Zach"

3. Alexander Logan "Alex"

The most detailed answer will get ten points!


BQ 1: What are your top 3 names for each gender?

BQ 2: What do you think of the nickname "Logie" for Logan?

BQ 3: If you could only have 1 child, would it be a boy or a girl? Why? Name?

BQ 4: Which is your favorite name out of these two: Christopher or Kevin? Why?

BQ 5: Super random, but are you left or right handed?

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  • 8 years ago
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    James David- I love both names, but I dislike the them together. I think the flow is a pit off because of the "Jay" and "Day" sound in the names. Still, both names are timeless and age well, which is a big plus when naming children.

    Zachary Kevin- I much prefer the name Kevin to the name Zachary. I just love the sound as Kevin and it is a name that you rarely hear anymore. Zachary is a nice name, but I have never been a huge fan of it. It is one of those names that just exists and I don't really have a huge opinion on it. I like the names together, but I would prefer Kevin Zachary.

    Alexander Logan- I really like this one. I think the name Logan is nice and I liked the fact that you used it as a middle name. Although it is a nice name, I do not think it ages well, which is why I prefer it in the middle name slot. Alexander is a beautiful name with so much history behind it.

    Abigail Maxine- I love the name Abigail. I know a young girl named Abigail and she is just darling. Maxine is a very spunky name and I like how it sounds with Abigail. Abigail is such a sweet name, but Maxine adds the spunk to it.

    Katherine Grace- This is my favorite one for the girls. Katherine is an amazing name. I absolutely adore the nickname Kate as well. I love how long and elegant the name Katherine sounds, but the nickname Kate makes the name short and sweet. Grace is a nice middle name to finish off a wonderful name.

    Sophia Elizabeth- I like this one, but I hate how common it has become. Sophia is absolutely gorgeous and Elizabeth sounds amazing with it. I just think that since Sophia is a very common first name, it should have a middle name that is a little less common.


    • Boys: Josiah Nathaniel, Thomas Henry, and Matthew Peter.

    • Girls: Annabelle Charlotte, Susanna Michelle, and Rose Genevieve

    BQ2: It is cute.

    BQ3: I would want to have a son. I would like to have a daughter one day in the future as well, but if I could only have one, then I would want a son. I myself have a great relationship with my mother, but I have known some girls that can't stand their own mothers. I don't doubt the fact that I would be a good mother, but I know how girls can be once they are teenagers. Boys seem to be pretty easy going and most of the males I knew growing up were huge mommas boys(my own brother were and still are as well). For those reasons, I think having a son would be a better fit for me. His name would be Josiah Nathaniel.

    BQ4: Kevin. I love Christopher, but Kevin is such a sweet name.

    BQ5: Right handed.

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  • 8 years ago

    1.Abigail (Abby) Maxine is lovely. Classy and works well for all ages!! Maxine is spunky!

    2.Katherine Grace (Kate) is so cute! I think Kate is so pretty and Grace flows so well!

    3.Sophia Elisabeth (Sophie) Is beautiful (even though sophie is kinda popular. Elisabeth is timeless (I also like Elizabeth)

    1.James David. Simple and Prefect (James is my nephews name) Anyone (meaning any type of people) can be named James. David flows so nice!

    2.Zachary Kevin (Zach) Is modern and soo cute! Just lovely! Kevin looks nices with Zachary!

    3.Alexander Logan (Alex). I might be biased but i love this name (Alex is my brothers name, not Alexander though) I love Xander too for a nickname. Logan is so sweet and awesome!

    BQ 1- Uh for girls-Melody, Marlee & Lydia

    For Boys-Xander, Xavier, Cade

    BQ 2-Logie is cute up until like age 9 then its alittle sicky sweet.

    BQ 3- I guess if i had to only have one (I want 4) it would have a girl, named Melody. I love music so Melody and A girl because a mother i think has more connection to their daughters.

    BQ 4-Christopher, i dont love Kevin as much. Christopher is timeless.

    BQ 5-Im a righty

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  • 8 years ago


    1. Abigail Maxine "Abby" - not really a fan of either name and I'm not sure if they go completely well together... it's pretty nice though

    2. Katherine Grace "Kate" - I love it. I like it the other way around too, Grace Katherine. one of my best friends is named this.

    3. Sophia Elisabeth "Sophie" - Sophia/Sophie are soo popular right now, but I do like that name. I like Elisabeth as well, but spelled with a z, "Elizabeth."


    1. James David "James" - pretty common, nothing special about it. it's a nice name, though.

    2. Zachary Kevin "Zach" - not a fan of Zachary or Zach, Kevin is nice

    3. Alexander Logan "Alex" - Alex is cool, but I like the name the other way around, Logan Alexander.

    BQ1: I have too many!!! It's not just top 3, it's like top 8 or 9 haha. But my top girls names are Emaleigh Gabriella, Kylie Noelle, Grace Megan, Lauren Anais, Caleigh Renae, Evie Mae, Josephine Marie, Aubrey Nicole, and Tucker Rhianne. My top boys names are Steven Daniel, Landon Calloway, Michael Christopher, Oliver Chase, Brooks Matthew, Connor Blake, Callum Thomas, and Will Andrew.

    BQ2: Logie? No way.

    BQ3: Probably a boy. I'm 14 and the only male I have grown up with is my dad so I've always wanted boys when I'm older. His name would probably be Steven Daniel.

    BQ4: Christopher. Idk, I just like it better.

    BQ5: Yes, that is super random, but I'm right handed.

    Hope I helped(:

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  • Jay
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    Abigail Maxine - I like Abigail, but Maxine is too 70's for me.

    Katherine Grace - I love Katherine, it's in my top 5. Grace is okay.

    Sophia Elizabeth - Both names are great.

    James David - Okay, but a little plain

    Zachary Kevin - I like Zachary, but Kevin is too 70's.

    Alexander Logan - I love Alexander, but Logan just reminds me of the word Bogan.

    BQ1 - Lily Elizabeth, Catherine Rose and Jessica Jade. Nicholas Wade, Matthew Cole and Wesley Alexander.

    BQ2 - Logie makes me think of Hoagie =\

    BQ3 - Boy - Nicholas Wesley.

    BQ4 - Christopher - Because Kevin is too dated.

    BQ5 - Right

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  • 8 years ago


    Abigail Maxine - 7/10 - I'm not such a big fan of either name on their own however I think they sound really really nice together. Abigail is very pretty, I don't think Abby is as nice.

    Katherine Grace - 10/10 - I absolutely love both of these names! The name Katherine is beautiful on its own and the nickname Kate is gorgeous. I love how pretty and girly Grace is! My two best friends are called Kate and Grace which makes me like the name even more!

    Sophia Elisabeth - 9/10 - Sophia is quite popular nowadays, but I still love it! I'm not the biggest fan of Elisabeth but I think both of the names together sound stunning. The names are both quite girly too and I love girly names!


    James David - 8.5/10 - James is one of my favourite names for a boy and I love it with David!

    Zachary Kevin - 8/10 - Zachary is another one of my favourite names but I don't really like Kevin - its a bit too dated for my taste.

    Alexander Logan - 10/10 - I love this one! Alexander is such a strong name and I think Logan goes really well with it! I love both the names and I love the way they sound together.


    Ivy Savannah

    Lily Harper

    Ivanna Hope

    Noah Michael

    Everett Jude

    Oliver Zachary

    BQ2: I don't really like it. It seems a bit feminine.

    BQ3: It would be a boy! I'd love to have a girl but I'm a bit of a 'tom boy' so I think a boy would be easier. I would call him Noah Michael. Noah is my all time favourite boys names and Michael is my dad's name!

    BQ4: Christopher. I really like that name! I love Chris too. I'm not a big fan of Kevin.

    BQ5: Right handed!

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Sophia Grace, Grace Catherine, Maxine Elizabeth; Logan James, Alanander James, David Zachary. Logie would be a good nick name but he may get picked on in middle school. Girl because then I could do her nails and hair. I like Christopher because it is less common. I am ambidextrous.

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  • 8 years ago



    April Mai

    Abigail Harper

    Bonnie White


    Jamie Alexander

    Cody Gilmore

    Rhys (Reese)

    2. Logie- i don't really like it i'm not sure why though

    3. If i could only have one child i would probably have a girl because i would want to teach her everything, because im a girl and we could share her experiences. I would name her Abagail Elisabeth Rose Harper it's a long name but i really like it.

    4. I like Christopher because Kevin reminds me of this jerk in my old maths class

    5. I'm ambidextrous so i can write with both which is awesome for soccer. Although im more stronger with my left hand than my right.

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  • 8 years ago

    Same old same old names. Common! There are way too many Sophie's & James around!

    Zachary & Abby are the best ones.

    1: Billy Daniel. Max Theodore. Jack Joseph. Darcy Jasmine. Hope Elizabeth. Felicity Dawn.

    2. Not needed. Same syllables. Just Logan.

    3. Either. because i wouldn't mind.

    4. Kevin. Because its not as common.

    5. Right.

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  • 4 years ago

    Zane Thomas- 9/10 i really like both names! It is handsome, cute and no longer too fashioned! Daxton Lucas- four/10 i am no longer keen on Daxton, but i admire Lucas. Daxton is special, and for some reason the more I say it the more attractive it will get. Oakland Reid- three/10 i do not like Oakland. It appears a little too out there. I don't just like the "land" ending. I am keen on Reid, though. It is adorable! Lorelei Grace- 7.5/10 Lorelei is cute, and so is Grace. It's a pretty title, Kayla Rose- 6/10 it's a high-quality identify, however it is a bit bland. I don't like that Kayla and Rose are rather preferred. But, that apart it's a nice title. Amia Michelle- four/10 Amia is fascinating. I do not just like the double "m" sound. It messes up the go with the flow of the title. My favorites are Zane Thomas and Lorrelei Grace. My least favorites are Oakland Reid and Amia Michelle.

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  • Hannah
    Lv 4
    8 years ago

    I like them! I think they are cute and age well.

    BQ 1:


    Victoria Anne

    Lourdes Marie

    Cecily Rose


    Liam Xavier

    Ethan William

    Connor James

    BQ 2: It's okay, I think it's kinda babyish and something a girlfriend would call him.

    BQ 3: Girl, Victoria Anne (Tori). I came up with that name because I wanted to honor my stepmom (Victoria, nn Vickie) and my mom (Anne).

    BQ 4: Christopher, I think Kevin sounds dorky.

    BQ 5: I am right handed :)

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