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When Liberals defend Obama and his gun running operation called Fast&Furious by?

saying that if there were any criminal activity he would already be charged, are they not aware that the primary Perp was Eric Holder and he is the attorney General who would have to charge Obama and Himself with a felony murder charge?

Do those uninformed people realize that there will most likely be a new Attorney General after Romney is elected and THEN they can and will be charged with MURDER?

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    Outstanding Question !

    The sad commentary is that liberals who elected Obama out of a sense of white guilt or black racism will overlook any failure, indiscretion or wrongdoing that Obama has committed , is committing or will commit

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    "Do those uninformed people realize that there will most likely be a new Attorney General after Romney is elected and THEN they can and will be charged with MURDER?"

    You're the one watching a ******* Youtube video and then claiming you are 'informed' in the issue. It's clear you know nothing, other than what right wing commentators want you to think.

    BTW. How can a video be considered 'banned' when it has been on Youtube for over a year?

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    No what we are saying is that it is a pretty standard operation started under the Bush years and that the White House didn't personally order or approve of it. And the idea that they are in any real way involved in a criminal case because of it has less reason that that man who blames Romney for his wife's death because Romney was the cause of the man's health insurance ending.

    No one is going to charge either of them with murder, its not even in the realm of possibility.

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    The reports I read said that thousands of guns in Fast and Furious were bought legally by Americans and resold to drug cartels in Mexico, which were then used to kill the border patrol agent. The flaw with your analysis is that we can not legally charge anybody for buying guns legally, nor can they be tracked to see where they go after they are purchased.

    edit: I assume you are Republican due to your line of questioning. Do you know that if we pursue such an action it will initiate a push towards Gun Control?

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    7 years ago

    When the Bush administration ran "Operation Wide Receiver", guns were sold but arrests were made before they crossed the border. Obama's "Fast and Furious" just sells guns.

  • Just the facts ma'am says Bush started it, which explains why he supports it. Obama supporters like Obama's continued policies of Bush.

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    GOP committee determines the White House knew nothing of the gun running.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    The Libbys always accuse the Republicans of what they have done themselves. I think it's more likely that they'll both retire & write books on the bad Republican Party.

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    Do your homework this was initiated by Bush.

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