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what does it mean "endemic in"?

what does it mean "endemic in"? see below:

"Corruption has been endemic in and enriched competitive sport since the day it was invented."

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  • Eric
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    It means that corruption is, generally, essential to competitive sports.

    I see someone thumbs-downed me so I will elaborate. Endemic usually means "native to a specific place". But since we are talking about competitive sports in general and not a place, location is not a relevant concept. For something to be endemic to an abstract concept, it would need to be essential to it. But since the quote is cynical and what it claims is not always the case, I added "generally" to show how there are some exceptions.

  • ?
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    "In epidemiology, an infection is said to be endemic (from Greek en- in or within + δῆμος demos people) in a population when that infection is maintained in the population without the need for external inputs."

    So basically it means corruption has always been a part of competitive sports.

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    it is always found there

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