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Tim asked in HealthAlternative Medicine · 9 years ago

My mom has terminal cancer?

my mom only has 6 months to 5 years let to live and I was reading about using LSD

and shrooms to treat end of life anxiety and my mom was wondering how or where

she could sign up or volunteer to participate in this. All info is apppreciated and Thank

you in advance

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  • janie
    Lv 7
    9 years ago
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    many people that had terminal cancer have survived their death sentence by making lifestyle changes

    1 see all posts by knowledge seeker

    2 have your mom immediately watch these videos by a man mentioned at the first link with his incurables save your life program who cured all kinds of cancers in the clinic of people given no hope by doctors including deadly lung cancer and fast growing pancreatic, breast and other

    Be sure to watch all 12 videos and all parts even if they seem not to apply as hope and help can be gleaned from all of it

    for the accompanying 700 page manual go here this is the same videos but I believe the last one is the manual (12 of 12) if it is not email knowledge seeker on curezone (me) and I will give you another link

    also download and listen to the tape at the link above (torrentz) called get well

    immediately download his tapes on curing cancer it is an excellent audio series with much hope and help

    its here

    go here and look on left of screen click on diseases and read his blogs on cancer and see if he mentions the kind of cancer your mom has

    then go to the right of the screen and scroll down to the free online books there are no incurable diseases do that here

    also see more on his incurables program here especially read #5

    the formulas may be purchased on or the manual shows how to make many yourself using 80 proof vodka and bulk organic herbs (be sure they are organic o wildcrafted as these are several times more powerful than conventional herbs unless that is all you can find on a particular herb Mountain rose is a company I like

    Part of the program is a 100% raw, vegan, whole food and hopefully organic diet with lots of juicing and juice fasting..if very ill go straight to juice fasting

    I would also take wheat grass juice (fresh use a manual wheat grass juicer as it can break a bender but easy to grow at home, also essiac tea.

    I just ordered some here cheaply


    watch this video when healing becomes a crime (hoxsey the quack who cured cancer);_ylt=A2KL...

    she can get better if she is willing to do the work

    which is so much better than lsd and shrooms and end of life anxiety

    I searched for many years to find all this info after I could not help my dying dad for lack of knowledge and I hope you tell your mom (ignore any thumbs down as I am often thumbed down by skeptics on here but this is the best info out there

    also forums on Schulze and cancer on curezone also check out and shirleys wellness cafe /hacres,com testimony (library tab) and diet

    Drink lot of green juices and green smoothies (see youtube)

    Most important is the incurables program by schulze do not leave one single thing out and with healing the more the better she will be doing stuff about every 15 minutes to get her program done

    cancer leaves fairly quickly but keep doing it to be sure all is gone and do not return to previous lifestyle as harder to cure natural 2nd time around

    read up and fully check it out before deciding to do it or not please

    Source(s): 33 study of alternative health, herbs and nutrition first step watch the youtube videos on schulze
  • 5 years ago

    i do not recognize a lot about the medical state of Ca, although the state is quite a lot broke. in case your mom has a terminal ailment, as mine is listed with ssdi, she will have the ability to get licensed at present day. there's a 6 month waiting era and the verify might want to come on the seventh month. I basically went by potential of that myself. she will have the ability to keep on with on-line on the ssa internet web site and he or she must have done that at present day after diagnosis. If she's nevertheless operating, she will have the ability to be became down with out an criminal specialist to plead her case. it really is an exceedingly, very specific application. She also needs to keep on with for ssi at the same time as waiting out her 6 months. they don't ask in case you own a house so as that would not count number. we are paying a private loan also. Dependant upon her age, she ought to keep on with for medicare or medicaid also. Kathy, the homestead did not get became the incorrect way up, she's the incorrect way up, which potential she owes more advantageous than it really is worth right this moment.

  • 9 years ago

    Dear Tim,

    It has been my experience that starving cancers of (processed sugars) is the most effective strategy, along with a high intake of oxygen, plus a raw-food diet( fruit & Veg. ).

    By processed sugars, I mean: sweets, lollies, cakes, biscuits, sugar, honey, dairy, fruit juice(bottled), glucose, protein shakes, etc.

    There is also great benefit to be had from a high oxygen intake(deep breathing) as well; sourced from either out in the country, high oxygen content herbs or specialist oxygen clinics within the city.

    It worked for me ! Helped me avoid surgery!

    Keep in mind that this is referred to as 'Alternative Medicine', and is highly frowned upon by the Mainstream Medical Establishment; meaning you may receive a lot of opposition.

    I believe Nature's way is always the best, as our wonderful GOD-GIVEN bodies are self-healing if given the chance.

    If you apply this treatment( esp.cutting out sugars ), your Mom should be cancer-free in no time.

    Blessings !

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    sandoz labs in switzerland had clinical observation sign up for this type of thing (they manufacture the original LSD-25 (called "Delysid) and they used to synthesize psilocybin)

    however both substances do not always guarantee a good trip and the US is extremely uptight about these substances (Europe would be your best bet) maybe mental institutes..

    Eckstasin (now called 'ecstasy' and mdma) was created for terminal cancer patients to ease their despondent state...Sasha Shulgin invented it (google his name and if you can get his books "PiHKAL" and "TiHKAL")

    however, most street mdma is sketchy...

    switch it and think about thc (cannabis) research has shown that it has anti-cancer properties,but not by smoking it...i'm talking oral ingestion of cannabis oil (about an ounce of oil in a month's time)...

    Rick Simpson has successfully cured upwards of 780 folks over the past ten years of various forms of cancers in this manner (he gave it away for FREE!...he was a former resident of Canada but the authorities have been hounding him so he took asylum in Amsterdam currently..

    he's been interviewed in High Times and there are those who carry on his work (see links below)

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    i strongly suggest she tries shrooms or lsd .

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