I need information about the gothic subculture.......?

I dont know why i seem so interested in this. Some people dont choose to be goths but its the way that they are. Other people just do it for attention and trying to fit in. I do enjoy some of the music, but honestly i dont know which music is really goth or not. Im not into all that HARDCORE over the top goth stuff. Sometimes i wonder if im fooling myself into thinking that im trying too hard or i dont belong into this. Other times i think i am a goth-ish person that isnt going for attention, trying to impress people. And honestly im not that at all..

Im pretty much a loner or maybe antisocial. I have no friends except this 1 girl. I dont have a facebook, Twitter, tumblr, or any other socializing website other than youtube. I honestly dont like alot of mainstream things today. Im not interested in most things normal people are into. So i dont see myself trying to impress people.


heres my youtube channel..judge for yourself. heres the music i listen to.

I know that goths value darker aesthetics They see beauty in dark things. I think i do see beauty in some dark things. For some reason I love how dark and ominous the sky gets before a big thunderstorm or how the sky gets dark in the middle of the day period. In my opinion, its absolutely beautiful. I love nature. I just see myself just lying down in a forest all by myself just looking up to the sky for hours lol..those are probably not dark things idk. Like i said im not trying to be a hardcore goth perosn. Has it been said there has been rules for being a gothic person?

I just want help to know if im a part of the gothic subculture or somewhat. OR i should just quit while im trying. Dont be too harsh....

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    While there are some..I suppose.."requirements" for being Gothic, there are no rules.

    Like you said, sometimes being Gothic is just a part of who someone is and it is also sometimes only done for attention.

    The "requirements" are having a love, respect, and interest in the following:

    Art: Gothic art can be related to several things, the oldest being that of the Gargoyles, crosses, and architectural designs that began in the 12th century and that was later revived in the 1700 hundreds and continued until the end of the Victorian era. It can also relate to a lot of modern Gothic art, whether that be another revival or that of dark paintings and drawings.

    Literature: Gothic literature can first be traced back to Horace Walpole's "A Gothic Story". With it began Gothic horror or Gothic fiction, mixing the elements of romanticism and horror. Well known Gothic author are Edgar Allen Poe, Mary Shelley, Oscar Wilde, Emily Bronte, Bram Stoker, and Charles Dickens(yes, Dickens).

    Music: The first use of the term Gothic in music was penned to describe the band Joy Division. Many other bands from the late '70s and into the '80s were called Gothic as well including The Cure, Bauhaus, The Sisters of Mercy, Siouxsie and The Banshee's and many more. Gothic music encompasses a wide variety of different genres including industrial, neo-classical, synth, even alternative.

    Film & TV: The horror genre and satire brought by the literature that came about also brought us many of the iconic Gothic figures we have today. Movies like Dracula, The Wolfman, The Creature from The Black Lagoon, films by Alfred Hitchcock, and TV shows like The Addamms Family(based off of a comic), The Munsters, Dark Shadows, even Elvira.

    Mindset: Finding beauty in the odd, dark, macabre...the different. Seeing the light in the darkness. Knowing even the darkest of days and bleakest of nights has a meaning, depth, and ever enchanting beauty behind it, if only you dare to look. Having a sense of humor that some people may see as snarky and creepy. Loving all things creepy, ooky, spooky, weird, old, odd, and sometimes silly. Having a respect for nature and all that are in it and being open minded.

    Fashion: Honestly, fashion isn't a necessity. If you have all of the above you can dress like a princess and still be Gothic. But everyone knows that there are staples to many Goths wardrobes, mainly a lot of black and darker color. Lace, velvet, pleather, brocades, spikes, chains, corsets, band shirts, skirts, chokers. Dressing Gothic is dressing in what makes you feel like you. What's comfortable, convenient, and what makes you feel confident. That is what is most important when dressing Gothic.

    Cats, bats, Halloween, cemeteries...all of that jazz.

    If nothing else, I think for you Gothic is a journey. If you find that it is something you see in yourself, then you are a Goth. If you find that it does not fit who you are, then perhaps you are not.

    Here's a few things that might help or maybe chase away boredom at the very least.




    Source(s): Gothic for most of my wee life :)
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    Look, you really don't need to agonize over it. If you are Goth, it will become i inescapably obvious over time. Your fetish like craving for the flavor Gothique will lead you ever deeper into the mystique encompassed by the subculture.

    What is Gothic? Rule of thumb - if a Goth is doing it, wearing it, listening to it, or watching it ; then in that moment and place "It" is Gothic. Forget rules or regulations, deconstruct your concepts and preconceptions. Today Goth has grown far beyond any pre-concept embraced in the Batcave back in the day. The variety and pageantry has come to mean so much more then any definition formed by the original pioneers. With every evolution and incarnation, some fools have screamed "That's not REALLY Goth" , but that hasn't stopped the seed from growing into the tree of so many branches.

    So, let any concern evaporate. If you are Goth, then you are; you, yourself, defining what that is.

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    Honestly there are more than one type of goth. I think there are a minimum or 22?

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