The CIA created Al Qaeda?

Al Qaeda was created by the CIA, in their offices in Washington D.C. It was created for Saudi Arabia to bankroll Osama bin Laden, through the House of Saud, "in the Afghan war against the Soviet Union during the 1980's and Riyadh and Washington together contributed an estimated $3.5 billion to the mujahideen."

"In late 2003, U.S. News & World Report conducted an exhaustive study titled. 'The Saudi Connection.' Its findings included the following."

"The evidence was indisputable: Saudi Arabia, America's longtime ally and the world's largest oil producer, had somehow become, as a senior Treasury Department official put it, 'the epicenter' of terrorist financing'

American forces are, at this moment, fighting people and organizations that we created, the groups we armed, and whom we continue to protect, from implications in the actions that occurred on 911. So who at the top is "friend" and who is "foe"? When that 'secrecy-protected phrase' "Links to Al Qaeda!" is uttered: Why is there never any proof of anything, and why has it continued now for three years without any challenge to the legitimacy of these empty claims? It appears that the American public has been had - and will continue to be taken down the primrose path (lined with the bodies of the hundreds of thousands that we've killed) - all because we'd really prefer not to look too closely at what our tax dollars are paying for

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Did any of you actually consider looking at the links I provided? Hillary Clinton admits it in 2 interviews. A former CIA agent wrote a book about it. Theres plenty of evidence. Your just a little lazy. No im not one for propaganda. If theres no evidence, I ignore it

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  • 8 years ago
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    Not only that, but the CIA preached the concept of "Jihad" to the Afghans to rally them against the Soviets, now it's being used to try and start a holy war between Christians and Muslims.

  • Maxine
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    4 years ago

    The CIA funded and trained the MAK (Maktabu l-khidamat) to keep Soviets out of Afghanistan during the Cold War. When we pulled out, the MAK felt used and abandoned (which they were) and began using their weapons and training to start militant schools. Osama Bin Laden, an opportunist and extremist, with a few other ex-MAKs, loosely formed Al Qaeda and used the situation to foster greater resentment and anger at the western world in the younger Afghanis. While this was incredibly irresponsible of the US, they can't realistically be blamed fully for the level of extremism, militantcy, and frankly, insanity, Al Qaeda has risen to today. ---- This isn't a conspiracy theory-- it's simplistic to completely blame the USA for something like 9/11, but this is purely historical fact. The government won't openly take responsibility (it really wouldn't make sense to do that) but it's reasonably well documented; it wasn't some big clandestine movement-- it was well known that we fought similar proxy wars all over, during the Cold War.

  • 8 years ago

    They sure did. Osama Bin Laden = Tim Osman

  • 8 years ago

    money for old rope

    Saudi Arabia and Pakistan had always been the co-founders and patrons.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Another zionists attempt to hide themselves from scanner.

  • Steven
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    8 years ago

    The more you read up the more you'll realize the scariest truth to it all--they did it with the help of the New World Order and Illuminati.

    Source(s): You clearly are not very smart. That, or very gullible.
  • 8 years ago

    Actually Al quada was formed after the Russian withdrawal from Afghanistan. The CIA had nothing to do with its creation. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    There is absolutely nothing in your rant that links the CIA to Al quada.

  • 8 years ago

    Nonsense, conspiratorial obsession. LOL!

    The aid given to fight the Soviets had NOTHING to do with what this question alleges. LOL!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Saudi created. CIA supported.

    there is no animosity between the Sunni and the Shi'ites. they are united and talking peacefully to solve disagreements.

    problem is wahhabism that promotes terrorism.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    True .

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