How will porn/is porn affecting the current generation?

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Opinions? Thoughtful ones... I have many of my own but I'm curious about others' is considered so common place and so normal, but yet it ruins many marriages...
Update : Viewing women as objects, warping mens visions of what women actually more
Update 2:

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I watched a documentary about this on netflix, and interesting enough is that young men who watch porn think that some of the bizzarre things that are done in porn is what women enjoy, such as being facialed. I wish I could recall the name of it. It was very good. PLus I used to work in a sex shop and alot of the customers were in there almost every addicts?

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  • KingFrog. answered 2 years ago
    False ideas about sex and also instant gratification are the only things I agree with you on.

    I have to disagree with you on the disease part, many porn companies are very safe and thorough when it comes to STD's. I also disagree on creating drug addicts, it has no correlation. Also lower birth rate is a good thing...
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  • Normand answered 2 years ago
    The only thing that ruins marriages are the people in the marriages. Someone cheated? Don't blame the concept of infidelity, blame the person who cheated. Someone gets addicted to porn and neglects their spouse? Blame the addict, not the porn. People need to be held responsible for their own decisions and actions.
    Porn (like anything else) by itself is harmless, its what one does with it that makes it potentially dangerous.


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  • Sausage answered 2 years ago
    It's giving them orgasms.
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  • Zaphod_Beeblebrox answered 2 years ago
    Opinion is not equivalent to fact. The average person does not have enough knowledge to provide an informed opinion. Depending on what populations of people you study, and how those studies are conducted, the answers can be very different. The SOCIOLOGY forum would probably be a better place to pose this question. Good luck.
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