Georgia/Florida Scholarships (out of state)?

I live in Georgia and about to go to a technical college under the Georgia Hope Grant. I want to move to Florida after I graduate and study meteorology. I am wondering is there any scholarship I can try to earn and use it at a university or college down there. Or would I have to earn one when I live there. Excellent grades are no problem for me. i am beginning to research this and plan this out now so I want real answers. Thank you!

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    Congratulations on being eligible for the Georgia Hope Grant.

    Just a point of information for you, in case you don't realize it - at any state-funded univ. in Florida (where you wish to pursue a degree in meteorology), you will be considered a non-resident/out-of-state resident for tuition purposes. I suggest you find out the requirements to be eligible to be considered a Florida resident for tuition purposes so you can establish yourself as a Florida resident before you apply to any Fla. state-funded univ. This web page (2 pages) will give you some information. Plus, you should be able to find the requirements for residency for tuition on any Fla. state-funded univ. web site.

    As for scholarships, the Fla. school you may wish to attend may have scholarship/grant funds (funds that do not need to be repaid) for just their own students. Staff members of the university may need the info from your completed FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid - ) or may need a completed CSS Profile (from the College Board – ) to determine if you will be awarded any scholarships/grants. Look for info about them on the schools' Financial Aid web pages.

    The National Weather Association offers scholarships for meteorology studies:


    The American Meteorological Society offers scholarships:


    The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has a scholarship - Ernest F. Hollings Scholarship:


    You may be able to find other scholarships for meteorology studies with one of these online databases:

    Scholarship Search from the well-respected College Board:


    Click on the Start button.

    If you choose to register (free – registration is not required) to return later & modify your search strategy, feel secure you will not receive spam emails.

    CollegeNet Mach25 Scholarship Search database:


    No registration required.

    Don't select too many defining terms in your search strategy, which may result in a poor scholarship search result. Scholarship Search


    This web site only requires registration for using the Advanced version for searching for scholarships. The Privacy Policy indicates that registrant information will be kept private. However, that is not the case. If you register, be prepared to get spam email from many for-profit/career/proprietary schools. Scholarships specific to particular colleges/universities will be included in the search results. You do not need to register to search for scholarships just for a specific major.

    With the results of the scholarship search databases you will have to look at each scholarship option in the results & the info on the scholarship granting organization web pages to determine if you qualify to apply.

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    Best wishes

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    Georgia Florida Scholarships out of state might help

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