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How did Mr Mahmoud Abbas Abo Mazen become the president of Palestine ?

Did they do elections or how exactly , and same about Yasser Arafat ?

when and how will they choose a new president ?

if Mr Abbas dies who will be president until they choose a new pesident ? i mean after the Egyptian revolution , we had SCAF but they dont have an army , right ?


@Y.K Cherson : btw not all arabs like Hammas , I am Egyptian and i don't like them or MB

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    Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) is the Chairman of the Palsetinian Authority. Abbas worked very closely with Arafat during the years Arafat ruled the PA. Abbas was appointed by Arafat as Prime Minister in 2003, and was elected as Chairman of the PA in January 2005.

    Yasser Arafat, was elected as President of PA in 1996.

    If Abbas dies the Speaker of the Palsetinian Legislative Council assumes the powers and duties of the Presidency of the National Authority, temporarily for a period not exceeding sixty days, during which free and direct elections to choose a new president are required to take place in accordance with the Palsetinian election laws.

    The PA does not have a conventional Army, As a part of the Oslo agreements, the newly created Palestinian Authority (PA) was provided various security forces in order to maintain public order and to assure internal security.With the Oslo II Interim Agreement, both parties agreed to the number of 30,000 policemen.These forces were equipped, according to these agreements, with 15,000 automatic rifles and pistols, 240 heavy machine guns, 45 armored vehicles and lightly armed shore patrol vessels, beyond that in the Gaza there are tens of thousand of Grad missiles, rockets mortars & shells and an unbelivale amount of bullets and shells.. .

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    Most likely Mahmoud Abbas will take the Position, only because the West favors Him over Ismail Haniyah

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    Actually, he was called a successor by Arafat. The title of "president" means nothing.

    They had to hold the elections almost two years ago, but Abbas categorically refused, knowing in advance that the "peace-loving arabs" will vote for Hamas.

    How will they choose the new president? Like arabs always do: he will say : my successor will be this or that guy- and that is all. Another variant is some Hamas leader, Haniya for example, enters the hall accompanied by two dozens of masked men with machine guns and say: I am your new president. Those who disagree are invited to say it democratically, in a clear voice.

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    Allegedly in 2005 he was elected by the Palestinians, who however have no free elections. So there also was no re-election in 2009, only one as head of the Fatah, but he still is in office and titled as "President

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  • Anonymous
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    stupid sulta elected him...

    They should of chose a president who can speak Arabic, English and Hebrew...

    well at least arabic and english...

  • 9 years ago

    NATO wired him some money.

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