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where should the orlando magic trade dwight howard?

I know everyone is tired of dwight howard trade talk but just curious, when and where do you think the orlando magic organization should trade him?

As you all probably know by now, one of the possible deals being discussed right now is a 4 team deal sending dwight howard/ al harrington to los angeles, andre iguadala to denver, possible andrew bynum to the sixers and gasol/ afflalo to the magic. This deal may be favorable for the magic if they can get draft picks and unload richardson and turkgalu.

If they wait until january/feb to revisit talks with the brooklyn nets then they won't have any leverage at all. At least thats how i see it. If i was the brooklyn nets in january all i would offer is brook lopez straight up. no kris humphries. no nothing else maybe a draft pick. the reason why is because in that time frame the orlando magic are really in no position to bargain.

Reason being is because if they don't trade him before the deadline, then he will leave for nothing. you get nothing in return. he'll just sign as a free agent possibly with the dallas mavericks.

so yeah, what action should the orlando magic take? I actually feel bad for them how the whole situation is playing out. no matter what they get back it will not be of equal value. Furthermore, as a lakers fan i would welcome dwight but i really don't know if trading gasol AND andrew bynum is the best route. Whichever team he lands with, is going to be under a lot of heat when dwight returns to the orlando magic arena in a different jersey; much like lebron returning to cleveland.

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    somewhere besides the lakers. bynum is getting better and howard is getting older. its not smart since we have about 5 seven-footers and lost 4 draft picks just for nash

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    From my factor of view Dwight really isn't the obstacle because he has been requesting help for YEARS! He averaged fifty five% capturing last year which used to be the best possible in the league even though he was sad along with his group. Dwight will absolutely depart Orlando when his contract is up in view that there may be undoubtedly no ability around him. Dwight has been inquiring for a decent PG and Orlando under no circumstances got him one. Instead they got him gamers like Torkogulu who isn't even an allstar (only a rather just right bench player at great). I do not quite blame Dwight for now not doing so excellent towards the celtics for a lot of reasons. For one, Dwight is the whole group so the entire celtics had to do was once put all of the defence on Dwight and keep him to 16 points with a purpose to win due to the fact that their was nobody else to carry workforce. For 2, Dwight has to head out and do that at any time when they play with no breaks so he is certain to have a number of negative capturing video games like every body else. I predict Dwight Howard will go to the Clippers and make a large 3 with CP3 and Blake Griffin next year.

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    They need Brian Scabarine on LA he's the only one worthy with Bynum to get traded for Dwight

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    I think howard should be traded to the bobcats for draft picks

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    I think they should trade dwight and another decent player for harden ibaka and westbrook

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    He will end up on the Lakers

  • The clippers

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    Miami, for wade and a future draft pick..

  • Just trade his *** to the Bobcats already

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