Does this sound like a scam?

I did an add for babysitting off of Craigslist. I know its risky but I got an email and it sounds a little off too me. Do you think its a scam?

She emailed me and I emailed her back then here is what she emailed me.

Thanks for your reply. Your location works for me, as i want you to

babysit for my Kids when am at your area for the workshop which is

bringing me to your side, Note that you are the only sitter am

contacting and i want you to put in your best in order to babysit for

my two Kids (Sherry 3years and Bobby 2 years). As am looking to

schedule you to good care of them during the week Mondays through

Fridays 10:30AM through 5:30PM weekend exclusive. And if you have any

question concerning my kids Let me know, so as for me to give you the

necessary answer. .

Please send me pictures of Kids in your environment so i know, how

conducive your place would be for my kids as i want the best resort

for them. We could make arrangements for you to babysit them at my

place when am gone for the days workshop if you think that works for

you. But i would prefer dropping them at your place on my way to my

job in the morning and picking them up when am coming back from

workshop say 5:30PM in the evenings.


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  • 7 years ago
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    Unusure. Honestly the whole, "send me pics of kids near you" Kind of made me think of a pedophile O.o. That just sounds creepy and the fact that she can't even type makes me wonder as well. Usually people like that you would think they would know how to properly type. I think you should meet her in a public place for and meet her kids. This way you will know she isn't some serial killer or some scary ****. If she is for real and has kids I would definetly go threw with it. If she doesn't want to meet until the day you babysit I would find this very odd and NOT go through with this. Please don't get murdered. Make sure you know who your dealing with.

  • 3 years ago

    It's a rip-off. I get these emails at all times from someone who owns some style of enterprise in Africa they usually left me to inherit tremendous quantities of cash. I don't know someone in Africa... LOL.... But yea it's a scam i get emails like that as a minimum three times per week.

  • VN-Cop
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    yeah, it sounds like some pedophile is phishing for pictures of kids...

  • 7 years ago

    Something just dosen't sound right there, that just might be me. They will know where you live but you won't see where they live :(

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