Black Night Clubs In Chicago Il? ?

24 yr old

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    1. Violet Hour

    Categories: Lounges, American (New)

    Neighborhood: Wicker Park

    1085 reviews, 4 stars

    1520 N Damen Ave

    Chicago, IL 60622

    (773) 252-1500

    2. Signature Lounge at the 96th

    Category: Lounges

    Neighborhoods: Near North Side, Streeterville

    928 reviews, 4 stars

    875 N Michigan Ave

    Chicago, IL 60611

    (312) 787-9596

    3. Bottom Lounge

    Categories: Music Venues, Lounges, American (New)

    Neighborhoods: Near West Side, West Loop

    180 reviews, 3.5 stars

    1375 W Lake St

    Chicago, IL 60607

    (312) 666-6775

    4. Holiday Club

    Categories: Bars, American (Traditional)

    Neighborhoods: Wrigleyville, Uptown, Lakeview

    243 reviews, 3.5 stars

    4000 N Sheridan Rd

    Chicago, IL 60613

    (773) 348-9600

    5. Vertigo Sky Lounge

    Category: Lounges

    Neighborhood: Near North Side

    242 reviews, 3.5 stars

    2 W Erie St

    Chicago, IL 60654

    (312) 202-6060

    6. Funky Buddha Lounge

    Categories: Lounges, Dance Clubs

    Neighborhoods: River West, Near West Side, Noble Square

    164 reviews, 3.5 stars

    728 W Grand Ave

    Chicago, IL 60610

    (312) 666-1695

    7. ROOF

    Categories: Lounges, American (New)

    Neighborhood: The Loop

    434 reviews, 3 stars

    201 N State St

    Chicago, IL 60601

    (312) 239-9501

    8. The Shrine

    Categories: Dance Clubs, Lounges

    Neighborhood: Near Southside

    62 reviews, 3 stars

    2109 S Wabash Ave

    Chicago, IL 60616

    (312) 753-5700

    9. Crocodile

    Categories: Pizza, Lounges

    Neighborhood: Wicker Park

    237 reviews, 3 stars

    1540 N Milwaukee Ave

    Chicago, IL 60622

    (773) 252-0880

    10. Red Kiva

    Category: Lounges

    Neighborhoods: Near West Side, West Loop

    59 reviews, 3 stars

    1108 W Randolph St

    Chicago, IL 60689

    (312) 226-5577

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    Black Night Clubs In Chicago Il? ?

    24 yr old

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    Okay, you just go your first lesson: Keep your mouth shut and watch your back at all times. Of course you cant tell who is "tougher" but definitly you dont mess with anyone from Chi town, LA and NYC. Just the same as if I was from a small town in Montana and went to a club in Miami, I'm not going to mess with anyone. I am from LA and just as in your situation, you would not have walked out of the bar. If you snook out, a gang would be waiting outside. Sorry, Ft. Myers really is a nice little quaint place in Fl (I have family there ~and have gone there since I was a kid so I know) but what small town kids think is a joke or a prank gets you killed in the real world. Here in LA dont even look a driver in the face and flip them off. Stay in your comfort zone and you'll be okay. Test the waters and swim with the sharks you just might get bit!

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