Released to hold for agency ?

I have a friend in Harris county jail in Houston tx. I checked the inmate information and the reason for release says 'released to hold for agency'. What does this mean? Is she out of jail? I also checked the vine link and it says she's still in custody.

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  • 9 years ago
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    It means your friend has an outstanding warrant from another jurisdiction and even if they post bond...the other jurisdiction is waiting to arrest them.

    With the "hold" in place...your friend will go to the next jail once released from the current jail.

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    4 years ago

    an attractive question. yet, so some distance as i recognize, the close by and state police in Colorado are lower than no legal legal responsibility to come to a decision to even if someone they have detained has any legal status contained in the US or that they are required to inform DHS in the adventure that they have got self assurance someone doesn't have any status. making an immigration status decision isn't some thing they can do themselves and that is many times not that obtrusive. are they going to be required to make that decision with each and every arrest? now to not indicate, this actual bozo had countless distinct identities. i do not recognize at what aspect they realized about his mulitple identities, yet even as they did, that would want to have delivered on extra extreme action on their area. yet, in words of the honestly question, except it must be shown they did have a legal legal responsibility to come to a decision on his immigration status and they'd a legal legal responsibility to inform DHS even as they knew or suspected he became right here illegally, i do not see how the lawsuit will succeed.

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