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Will James Holmes (Colarado movie theater gunman) recieve the death penalty?

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    No. He has a mental condition. Under the law he will go into treatment. Housed in a Prison. At 19,663 $ per year plus 3,493$ for Administration Cost plus 6,345 $ for mental care. That's 29,501 per year.. This punk is young so he will live for a least 60 years. So that adds up to 1,770,060.00 $ at the cost to you and me


    This means free Room and Board and he will get a lover in prison. Have access to Exercise and Entertainment. He will have AC in the summer and Heat in the winter. Sounds pretty good for someone who killed. He knew what he was doing and he planned it. If it were me. Shot him the same way he did those.

    Source(s): Cost per prisoner and the cost of mental prisons. DCJS statistics.
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    Instead of killing him, we can lock him up for the rest of his life- either in prison or in a mental hospital. In the end, it will cost us a lot less than a death penalty trial followed by the lengthy appeals and the continued media attention he craves.

    It comes down to revenge. We are better than that.

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    Death penalty costs less cause of all necessities we need to give this guy, anyway I hope he does insane or not there is no excuse for the murder of people unless for self defense

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