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What do you think of Rollingstone's list of 100 Greatest Singers?

100 Mary J. Blige

99 Steven Tyler

98 Stevie Nicks

97 Joe Cocker

96 B.B. King

95 Patti LaBelle

94 Karen Carpenter

93 Annie Lennox

92 Morrissey

91 Levon Helm

90 The Everly Brothers

89 Solomon Burke

88 Willie Nelson

87 Don Henley

86 Art Garfunkel

85 Sam Moore

84 Darlene Love

83 Patti Smith

82 Tom Waits

81 John Lee Hooker

80 Frankie Valli

79 Mariah Carey

78 Sly Stone

77 Merle Haggard

76 Steve Perry

75 Iggy Pop

74 James Taylor

73 Dolly Parton

72 John Fogerty

71 Toots Hibbert

70 Gregg Allman

69 Ronnie Spector

68 Wilson Pickett

67 Jerry Lee Lewis

66 Thom Yorke

65 David Ruffin

64 Axl Rose

63 Dion

62 Lou Reed

61 Roger Daltrey

60 Björk

59 Rod Stewart

58 Christina Aguilera

57 Eric Bourdon

56 Mavis Staples

55 Paul Rodgers

54 Luther Vandross

53 Muddy Waters

52 Brian Wilson

51 Gladys Knight

50 Bonnie Raitt

49 Donny Hathaway

48 Buddy Holly

47 Jim Morrison

46 Patsy Cline

45 Kurt Cobain

44 Bobby “Blue” Bland

43 George Jones

42 Joni Mitchell

41 Chuck Berry

40 Curtis Mayfield

39 Jeff Buckley

38 Elton John

37 Neil Young

36 Bruce Springsteen

35 Dusty Sprinfield

34 Whitney Houston

33 Steve Winwood

32 Bono

31 Howlin’ Wolf

30 Prince

29 Nina Simone

28 Janis Joplin

27 Hank Williams

26 Jackie Wilson

25 Michael Jackson

24 Van Morrison

23 David Bowie

22 Etta James

21 Johnny Cash

20 Smokey Robinson

19 Bob Marley

18 Freddie Mercury

17 Tina Turner

16 Mick Jagger

15 Robert Plant

14 Al Green

13 Roy Orbison

12 Little Richard

11 Paul McCartney

10 James Brown

09 Stevie Wonder

08 Otis Redding

07 Bob Dylan

06 Marvin Gaye

05 John Lennon

04 Sam Cooke

03 Elvis Presley

02 Ray Charles

01 Aretha Franklin

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  • 8 years ago
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    Most people disregard the Rolling Stone lists because of how messed up the placements are, but this list seems better than most.

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  • 3 years ago

    Rolling Stone has been primary to practice countless the most biased and ridiculous lists ever considered. I under no circumstances problem to study them except i favor a sturdy snort. Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles are both very gifted, yet they're some distance from the suitable 2 spots. i will't have self assurance both honestly one of them beat out Elvis Presley, now to not indicate many others. that is ridiculous how extreme up Mick Jagger and Bob Dylan were positioned. they're both undesirable singers. i will recognize their outcome on rock n' roll, yet they have dreadful voices. the shown reality that Bjork is even in this record ought to wreck Rolling Stone's credibility (in the adventure that they nonetheless have any). EDIT: the suitable one hundred Guitarists record became an complete disaster.

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  • 8 years ago

    I think Freddie Mercury is way to low at 18...

    Mick Jagger is a better singer than Freddie Mercury, good one

    when I skim through it I think the list isn't based on the singers ability to actually "sing". If it was Bob Dylan wouldn't be on the list (sorry Dylan fans).

    real bad list

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  • 8 years ago

    DOn't like it

    Iggy Pop???

    Annie Lennox should be higher on the list

    Freddie should be higher on the list

    I am thinking of how good their voices are compared to the others.

    crazy list

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I think it's a nice list. I don't agree with some of the placements but the list seems decent.

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  • ?
    Lv 4
    8 years ago

    Well i think Kurt Cobain was robbed

    he should definitely be in the top 5

    **** you Sam Cooke

    whoever you are

    other than that it is fine :)

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    lame, boring, irrelevant, etc.

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