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Is their a hot topic in Perth western Australia?

I live in Perth im from north Carolina u.s.a i like that shop hot topic i can't find a hot topic if their isn't what are some good shops? I only know ebay and bauhaus clothing also the basement in myer

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    There aren't Hot Topic stores in Australia, but I'm pretty sure I own some of their clothing, so you might find some of their clothing stocked in various stores along with other brands. I had a quick look at their site and it looks as though that type of clothing could be found in Jay Jays. Only Jay Jays doesn't look so goth/emo.

    Other popular stores are Valleygirl (where I do a lot of my shopping) and Sportsgirl, but they're more traditionally 'feminine' type stores. Forever New has lovely clothes but is generally too pricey for a poor uni student like me!

    Supre is only good for a couple of items, the rest of it is fluro and faux animal print rubbish - however, very popular amongst highschoolers. There is largely a stigma around Supre clothes but if you purchase the right pieces, people never know, and think you bought it from somewhere nicer.

    Ofcourse, Australia also has higher end stores but I'm assuming you are a young teenager - early 20s aged girl, probably not able to afford pricey clothes.

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    Bauhaus Clothing Australia

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