Is it useful to buy (not yet use) any galactogogues before giving birth? Which kind?

I am 36 weeks pregnant, and want to breastfeed my son. I may however run into problems because I have had a breast reduction surgery in the past, about 15 years ago.

My breasts have been producing colostrum since pretty early in pregnancy, so obviously the 'plumbing' is still there. There may however still be nerve damage that may interfere with let-down and/or getting production to adequately meet demand. I have been doing some research and apparently getting as much production up as possible in the first week or so is key to success for women in my situation.

I know that some things are supposed to increase a woman's production: certain teas, foods, herbal pills and regular medication. Would it be useful to have something like that in the house ready to use? And what in your experience actually works to boost your milk production?

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  • 7 years ago
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    If I had reason to believe my supply might be low I would have More Milk Plus with Goats Rue on hand (motherlove sells it) it actually GROWS ductal tissue - so it can help what little tissue you have produce more. It helped my BFF go from supplementing her first for the whole 20 months she nursed (PCOS & tubular breasts) to exclusively breastfeeding #2 even when she was told she would likely never be able to do that by several lactation consultants. So for me it's a no brainer, I'd have it ready & waiting & take it from day one. Just a tiny (maybe scary) FYI - it can actually make your breasts larger permanently. It took her up one cup size from where she was after having her 1st & it stayed. One great thing though is you can call motherlove herbals & they have specialist to talk through thing on the phone with you & they will NOT try to sell you more than you need or encourage you to take the wrong things. I've called them & ordered & they have always encouraged me to order smaller quantity until I know I like the product, I don't think you need to worry they'll try to sell you something just to sell it. They also do a lot of advertising through La Leche League & are approved through LLL so they are a company you can put some trust in.

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    3 years ago

    My husband and i took an all day "what to anticipate" path - it used to be about what to assume at the sanatorium, your different anguish management options, how one-of-a-kind birthing positions could help you, and many others. What you can assume in the course of and after the beginning (as far as your body). What that you may count on the nurses to do, the health care provider, and many others. It was 8 some times lengthy hours, but we have been glad we went and did the class with other expecting mothers and fathers. So far as all the classes on find out how to deal with child as soon as its here, we didn't take any of them...My mom stayed with us the primary month and that is the fine studying tool I might have ever had. The one thing, the satisfactory factor I learned on the category we did take: maintain an open intellect about labor and pain remedy. Do not button yourself down to at least one thing, corresponding to no medication..That manner in the event you to find that you can not handle it, or ought to have a C-section, which means that an epidural, you are not freaking out or upset that you could not do it without. Simply roll with the contractions and make your decisions as you go, its truly the exceptional manner.

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    You haven't had that baby yet suzy. I though would have by now.

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