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Poll: Which of these best starting teams in the NBA of the 2000's?

This is my Updated Question.

There's so many great teams/better players

1999-2000: Lakers: Ron Harper Kobe Bryant Glen Rice A.C. Green Shaquille O'Neal

Extra: 2007-08 Lakers: Derek Fisher Kobe Bryant Vladimir Radmanovic Lamar Odom Pau Gasol

2007-08: Celtics: Rajon Rondo Ray Allen Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett Kendrick Perkins

2000-01 76ers: Eric Snow Allen Iverson George Lynch Tyrone Hill Dikembe Mutombo

2003-04 Pistons: Chauncey Billups Richard Hamiltion Tayshaun Prince Rasheed Wallace Ben Wallace

2001-02 Nets: Jason Kidd Kerry Kittles Keith Van Horn Kenyon Martin Todd McCullough

Extra: 2005-06 Nets: Jason Kidd Vince Carter Richard Jefferson Jason Collins Nenad Krstic

2002-03 Spurs: Tony Parker Stephen Jackson Bruce Bowen Tim Duncan David Robinson

Extra: 2004-05 Spurs: Tony Parker Manu Ginobili Bruce Bowen Tim Duncan Rasho Nesterovic

2003-04 Timberwolves: Sam Cassell Trenton Hassell Latrell Sprewell Kevin Garnett Ervin Johnson

2004-05 Suns: Steve Nash Joe Johnson Quentin Richardson Shawn Marion Amar'e Stoudemire

2005-06 Heat: Jason Williams Dwyane Wade James Posey Undonis Haslem Shaquille O'Neal

Extra: 2003-04: Dwyane Wade Eddie Jones Caron Butler Lamar Odom Brain Grant

2001-02 Kings: Mike Bibby Doug Christie Peja Stojakovic Chris Webber Vlade Divac

1999-2000 Pacers: Mark Jackson Reggie Miller Jalen Rose Dale Davis Rik Smits

Extra: 2003-04 Pacers: Jamaal Tinsley Reggie Miller Ron Artest Jermanie O'Neal Jeff Foster

2006-07 Cavaliers: Larry Hughes Sasha Pavlovic Lebron James Drew Gooden Zydrunus Ilgauskas

2002-03 Mavericks: Steve Nash Michael Finley Adrian Griffin Dirk Nowitzki Shawn Bradley

Extra: 2005-06 Mavericks: Devin Harris Jason Terry Adrian Griffin Dirk Nowitzki DeSanga Diop

1999-2000 Blazers: Damon Stoudamire Steve Smith Scottie Pippen Rasheed Wallace Arvydas Sabonis

2008-09 Magic: Rafer Alston Courtney Lee Hedo Turkoglu Rashard Lewis Dwight Howard

1999-2000 Raptors: Doug Christie Vince Carter Tracy McGrady Charles Oakley Antonio Davis

Extra: 2006-07 Raptors: T.J. Ford Anthony Parker Jorge Garbajosa Chris Bosh Rasho Nesterovic

2007-08 Hornets: Chris Paul Morris Peterson Peja Stojakovic David West Tyson Chandler

2006-07 Jazz: Deron Williams Derek Fisher Andrei Kirilenko Carlos Boozer Mehmet Okur

2002-03 Rockets: Steve Francis Cuttino Mobley James Posey Eddie Griffin Yao Ming

Extra: 2008-09 Rockets: Rafer Alston Tracy McGrady Ron Artest Luis Scola Yao Ming

2007-08 Nuggets: Anthony Carter Allen Iverson Carmelo Anthony Kenyon Martin Marcus Camby

Extra: 2008-09 Nuggets: Chauncey Billups J.R. Smith Carmelo Anthony Kenyon Martin Nene

2000-01 Bucks: Sam Cassell Ray Allen Glenn Robinson Scott Williams Ervin Johnson

2004-05 Wizards: Gilbert Arenas Larry Hughes Jared Jefferies Antwan Jamison Brendan Haywood

Extra: 2002-03 Wizards: Larry Hughes Jerry Stackhouse Michael Jordan Christian Laettner

2004-05 Supersonics: Luke Ridnour Ray Allen Rashard Lewis Reggie Evans Jerome James

2006-07 Bulls: Kirk Hinrich Ben Gordon Luol Deng P.J. Brown Ben Wallace

Extra: 2008-09 Bulls: Derrick Rose Ben Gordon Luol Deng Tyrus Thomas Jokiam Noah

2005-06 Clippers: Sam Cassell Quinton Ross Cuttino Mobley Elton Brand Chris Kaman

2005-06 Grizziles: Damon Stoudamire Eddie Jones Shane Battier Pau Gasol Lorenzen Wright

Extra: 2004-05 Grizziles: Jason Williams Mike Miller Shane Battier Pau Gassol Lorenzen Wright

2006-07 Warriors: Baron Davis Jason Richardson Stephen Jackson Al Harrington Andris Biedrins

2007-08 Hawks: Mike Bibby Joe Johnson Marvin Williams Josh Smith Al Horford

1999-2000 Knicks: Charlie Ward Allan Houston Latrell Sprewell Larry Johnson Patrick Ewing

Extra: Knicks 2000-01: Charlie Ward Allan Houston Latrell Sprewell Larry Johnson Marcus Camby

2008-09 Bobcats: Raymond Felton Raja Bell Gerald Wallace Boris Diaw Emaka Okafor

Extra: 2007-08 Bobcats: Jeff McInnis Raymond Felton Jason Richardson Gerald Wallace Emaka Okafor

That's All I Put All The 30 Teams in the NBA Best Starting Teams of the 2000's you Know From 2000-2009

11 Answers

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    Im gonna give you the top 5 best teams of the 2000's

    1)2000-2001 Lakers:They went 15-1 in the post season

    2)2001-2002 Kings:Would have been in the finals if not for the refs -.-

    3)2004-2005 Spurs:Were sound defensively and were first in the western conference

    4)2007-2008 Celtics:The big 3 with a deep bench

    5)2000-2001 76ERS:They were good defensively and AI was having a monster year

    I forgot put the 1999-2000 Blazers at #3 and slide every team down


    2004-2005 Suns

    2002-2003 Mavericks

    EDIT:Put the 2003-2004 Pistons behind the Blazers

    Source(s): MC JC
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  • 8 years ago

    I love the 02 Kings and the 01 Sixers (polar opposites). Both those teams coulda woulda shoulda beat the vaunted Lakers if not for the refs (Tyrone Lue holding? 50 fouls on every single possession?) and injuries.

    You also gotta love the 08 Celtics, who also would have beaten any Lakers team from the decade (as well as any other incarnation of themselves from years following).

    But the number one team is a tie between the 04 Pistons and the 05 Spurs. That 05 finals series was probably the best in the history of basketball as far as intensity, quality of play and evenly matchedness.

    so it goes:

    1) 04 Pistons/05 Spurs

    2) 08 Celtics

    3) 01 Sixers/02 Kings

    4) 01 Lakers

    5) 2010 Celtics

    6) 06 Heat

    7) 04 Wolves

    8) 00 Blazers

    9) 2010 Lakers

    10) 01 Bucks

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  • 8 years ago

    i more like 2004 pistons,2002 Kings,2005 Spurs,2008 Celtics,2007 jazz and 2008 Hornets

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  • 8 years ago

    2007-08: Celtics

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  • 5 years ago


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  • 8 years ago

    Its probably the 08 Celtics

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  • 4 years ago

    Variety of. The whole thing previously constantly appears better. For non Bulls fan, it was once no longer very fun observing the Bulls dominate year after yr, eventually it just grew to be expected and i finished gazing games.

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  • 8 years ago

    '99-'00 Knicks and Lakers

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    2004 pistons good D good offense the best blend

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  • 8 years ago

    04-05 suns

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