Is the Amway corporation a cult?

A coworker invited me to an Amway event. It felt like some sort of religous revival.

Are they in any way affiliated with the Mormon church?

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  • Elsie
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    7 years ago
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    Some of the people I know who got into it sure became freaky for a few months while they were on their Amway high.

    It's actually heavily affiliated with the Conservative Christian movement.

    "Several sources have commented on the promotion of Christian conservative ideology within the Amway organization.[52][61][62][63] Mother Jones magazine described the Amway distributor force as "heavily influenced by the company's dual themes of Christian morality and free enterprise" and operating "like a private political army."[52] In The Cult of Free Enterprise, author (and former Amway distributor) Stephen Butterfield wrote “[Amway] sells a marketing and motivational system, a cause, a way of life, in a fervid emotional atmosphere of rallies and political religious revivalism.”[61] Philadelphia City Paper correspondent Maryam Henein stated that “The language used in motivational tools for Amway frequently echoes or directly quotes the Bible, with the unstated assumption of a shared Christian perspective.”[62]"

    • me
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      This church and this cult has nothing to do with Christ!! Stop lying

  • 3 years ago

    I have heard that the founders of amway, the VanAndels (sp?) are Christians, and the give plentiful to the neighborhood and church. I additionally acquire that Amway is more about selling starter kits and recruiting men and women, than promoting products. I do know when they try to get new recruits, the agents will work with men and women's greed, hopes, desires both potential or inconceivable. Humans quickly feel that they may be able to most likely sell the starter kits to any person and it is all very simple. Disagree with them and you've got fully offended them. I noticed really weird stuff occurs when amway humans recruiting. They don't seem to be totally honest, they will not tell you correct off what they are promoting. They believe they're on their solution to "economic freedom." do not get of their approach, and no negativity welcomed. Dealers will use buddies, relatives and so on to try to sell to. That is mainly very uncomfortable using buddies and household for monetary acquire. But sellers say and feel that they're helping them out and many others and so forth (folks helping men and women) Some dealers do get overwrapped in amway that they flip out, you'll discover them on the amway conventions flapping their arms, singing amway praises. The majority should not that means. Men and women actually do suppose that in a couple of to five/10 years they may be able to be freed from financial issues. However undoubtedly they don't make what they invested to start with in the "starter kits." ($100??) Plus they have to purchase a lot bucks valued at of products each month. I see a lot of looking to make folks believe some thing that is unrealistic. (deception) basically with amway - I see deception, greed. I do not feel amway humans are looking to achieve "godhood" or things of such. Amway is a business, but weird stuff does occur, individuals do investigate their brains in. If it looks like a duck, often it is a duck. If it feels like a duck, it's in general a duck. If it acts like a duck, it's surely a duck.

  • buttz
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    3 years ago

    When Was Amway Founded

  • 7 years ago

    Though it technically is a business opportunity, Amway organizations do develope a lot of similarities to cults.

    Amway was founded in Western Michigan. Though, its founders were rather conservative, to my knowledge, they were not affiliated with the Morman Church.

    Many, many of the Amway sales organizations base themselves in Utah along with many of the new generation of other MLMs. This is because Utah law tends to favor them in case they ever get sued.

    Utah's new motto should be "We're Scam Friendly!"

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  • Doctor
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    7 years ago

    No. Neither is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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