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My girlfriend wants me to strap her down and blindfold her the next time we have sex?

Ok 1 should we role play, if so what should we do, 2 what do I do to her after i strap her down and blindfold her. Please tips suggestions and past experiences are appreciated

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  • Dan
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    8 years ago
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    Role play is meh. Some people like it and really get in to it, while others can't stop laughing at the desperate attempt to be serious. I mean the best one i know of, is the student/teacher one, or the nurse/patient "Oh nurse, Ive got this weird feeling down here, and I think you need to look at it. *whips out c**k* Its some where there. You gotta help me!" I know if I would ever do something like this, I would be laughing so hard XD Anyhow, if she is strapped down, then just f**k her. I mean, what else are you suppose to do? Whisper in her ear, touch her, put an ice cube on her stomach and push it around with your tongue? Just have fun and when its your turn to be strapped down, make sure you use a gag ball.

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