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Can i feed the cereal corn POPS to my conure?

So im trying to give him his regular food everyday with another bowl of apples grapes graham crackers and i want to try this cereal and i was wondering if it's ok? The ingridents are milled cron, sugar, soluble corn fiber, molasses, contiens 2% or less salt, soybean oil, partially hydrgenteded vegtable oil (cocnut, sotbean, and/or cottonseed), mono-and diglycerides, wheat starch, annatto color, bht for freshness Sorry that was a long list but do you think i could fed it to him? He loves eating stuff were eating like even from my plate he will just reach and eat outmeal! and when im drinking somthing from a cup he will jump on the cup and drink! i know the types of drinks he cant have but anyways POPS cereal??


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    would not recommend it it is too sweet may cause some problems you can give him cheerios that is good but as a treat don't give hime hony nut choclate berry just stick with plain old cheerios

    P.S.have green cheek conure loves cheerios

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  • Chaos
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    Absolutely not! Way to high in sugar, what seems like an okay amount for us is a huge amount for a little bird. If you want to give him breakfast cereals my birds occasionally get plain cheerios or shredded wheat squares. Even store bought graham crackers are high in sugar, as is fruit although natural sugar is not as bad. He needs veggies more than fruit, they are much healthier. Unsalted multi-grain crackers are fine, whole wheat pasta, rice and bread, a small amount of fruit and as much of a large variety of veggies as he'll eat.

    Birds are flock animals, they watch other members to see what is good and not good to consume. He is taking cues from you on what he should be eating. Start eating healthy foods in front of him and he will want to as well. I definitely eat healthier having parrots than when I didn't.

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    The best way to look at this is what's good for you is good for him. BUT. You really have to be honest about what is good for you. Avocado is an exception and is toxic for birds. Your list of ingredients speaks for itself...not in a good way. Still, I can't resist giving my African grey pizza sometimes as well as other things that aren't especially good for him. I just very seldom do it. This is my baby and I want him to have a long healthy life. He's almost 30 and doing great so I would say go with your instincts. They seem to be pretty good from what I read.

    I wish we had more really great bird owners like you around. I'd feel a lot better about where babies are going, believe me.

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  • Arlene
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    No try some cheerios any no sugar cereal. Wheat chex etc.

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