Help me on my new invention?

Since its so terribly hot outside I'v was thinking. Wonder ir I made a 'portable air conditioner'. Like a thin layer vest but is blowing cool air! Ideas on how I could make it!? Thanksss


And like a little thomb you could turn to make it how cool you want it to be.

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  • 7 years ago
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    You would need a compressor, decompressor, heat transfer pipes, coolant, and two fans. The pipes would be separated into two sections; the cool and the hot. Going from cool to hot, the compressor would compress the coolant, making it hot. Then a fan would blow heat away from the hot pipes as the coolant flowed through them. Then you would need some kind of decrompressor (don't really understand this part). After being cooled to normal temperature at high compression, once uncompressed, the coolant would be cool and would be run through another set of pipes with a fan that would blow at the person.

    You would also need a battery. You could stick it all in some kind of backpack device. Not a bad idea, but your biggest problem would be battery life because a compressor/all air conditioners use an incredibly large amount of power. Good luck!

  • 7 years ago

    The trouble with air conditioning is that all of them from the small ones that fit in windows to the ones that cool whole houses is that they need relatively large pieces of machinery to produce the cool or cold air. However, the purpose of sweating for a human body is to get fluid to evaporate on the surface of the skin so that evaporated water carries heat away with it, thus cooling the body.

    You might be able to produce something in a vest or shirt type clothing that increases the evaopration of fluid on the surface of the skin. Increasing air flow along the surface of the skin would definitely help this process. One concept I just imagined is a piece of clothing that expands and contracts thus increasing air flow. Run with it (pun not intended!)

  • 7 years ago

    Have you ever seen a small window AC? weights about 30 pounds and uses 300 watts of electricity. Add 30 pounds for the battery and inverter, and you have 60 pounds to carry around.

    You would need a cart to haul around the battery and inverter, and the compressor, and all the other machinery, as a large auto battery could supply 300 watts for about 2 hours.

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