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What are common or known companies to work as an Environmental Engineer Technician?

Where would i find positions in Environmental Engineering Technicians? In California mostly then in other states

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  • 9 years ago
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    ANY big corporation nowadays is trying to go green- whether it be the result of their moral obligations or the positive publicity that goes with environmental friendliness. Most companies don't really advertise openings for Environmental Engineering Techs, but what you can do is study a few individual companies that interest you and then present yourself to them; show them how you can turn their company into a green business, and give them financial/moral reasons that they need someone like you at their company. Make your own job openings. If companies don't recognize that there is a niche for someone like you, then let it be known to them. You need to be good at marketing yourself, and you also need a diverse engineering background- you need to be able to be utilized for green projects, but you need to be able to demonstrate a very broad knowledge of engineering (mechanical, electrical, petroleum) if you want to be attractive to potential employers. Good luck!

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