Were Conservative Black Reps Allen West&Tim Scott elected from majority, white GOP Districts ?

I would be interesting in learning whom they defeated, what type of district, in terms of demographic and political characteristics do they represent, and whom did they defeat Also which of the two is more Conservative Lastly I would be interested in learning what type of opposition they face and the odds of being re elected Thanks for your answers

West represents Florida Whilst Scott represents Alabama


Ralph B Thanks for your direct answer to my question it was very useful

Smilin I asked a perfectly neutral question which you did not answer in any way shape or form You merely said that I listen to garbage without even knowing me. I was giving serious consideration to voting for Romney, however your intolerance really is upsetting and I fear that if Romney is elected he will implement policies to cater to segments of his intolerant support base., and I find that pretty scary as well as a turnoff I may be all wrong in what I just said and if so please correct me

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