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Answer one of these questions in this questions?

1. Anime where older woman falls for younger boy than her (or boy likes her later she falls for him)Negima is watched

2. Anime where main is pissed out because he have some kind of power/he is strong and everyone wants him

3. Anime where main is powerful like to have big synchronization with robot when he uses it for the first time

4. Anime where everyone have power but main have different from them

5. Anime where main don't care for no one

I prefer main to be a boy/man I dont care any genre please answer 1. ... 2. ... like that to be more easy for me.Sorry for my bad english and thanks in advance.

2 Answers

  • 8 years ago
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    Ive answered some time ago similiar question ill try it one more time with this 1...2... system, i hope ill be more helpfull this time

    1) shkugan no shana (she is older but it doesnt seem like she is), high school dxd (it might fit), Accel world, kissxsis

    2) full metal panic might fit (hes very good in controling his roobt and only one from their organization can use special thing and 2 girls want him)

    3)blue gender (for first time hes very good and then he gets much much better), sword art online (very good in playing virtual reality games)

    4) accel world (he has as only one specific ability), kind of high school dxd

    5) death note, school days,

    Source(s): if you have any question PM me
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  • 8 years ago

    1: (you will LOVE this one) Please Teacher

    2: umm Kiba?

    3: i dont know.

    4: i think the last person answered it

    5: Death Note

    Source(s): Many different animes (:
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