Husbands who work as truck drivers...does it work in a marriage?

My cousin has been married to a truck driver for 8 years.

I don't know how she does it, but this man is gone almost all year.

I call him the "party dad," because he only comes for special events and parties, other than that, he's never around.

She claims to us, that they are constantly cheating the government with money. They have 2 small kids, and now want another baby so to keep getting more money from the government (as my cousin says)

I'm not saying truck driving is a dishonorable job. I question this man in particular, does he have another family elsewhere? He's never there for my cousin or his kids, unless it's a party.

What kind of a husband / father is that??

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  • 7 years ago
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    Not a great one, but an adequate one if that's what he has to do for money.

    Truck drivers do make money, quite a bit depending on who they work for and what they're hauling. They make even more if they haul hazardous materials, as the guys in the company I work for do. The guys in my company also work less than ten hours a day and only deliver inside the bay area. He could easily have a family and/or children elsewhere, that is the nature of the job. If so, these facts will probably come to light in one way or another in time.

    HOWEVER, I am extremely offended by the idea of people having children just to get money from the government. In no way, shape or form should that be acceptable behavior, and no offense to you, but people who do stuff like that should be shot. You can't take my tax dollars and put money in your pocket because you don't want to work just as hard as everybody else, that's bullshit.

    So, he's not a great dad, she's not a great mom. It happens... unfortunately.

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  • 7 years ago

    I was married to a truck driver for 13years and I honestly think the fact that he was away is why the marriage lasted. I know he didn't cheat or have another family. Just the nature of the job. As far as cheating the government, that's just crazy because it will eventually come back to haunt them.

  • 7 years ago

    That really is the nature of the job. A friend of mine has that job and uses my spare bedroom when he's in town. I could never do his job, but I could have a relationship with someone that is gone that much. I like living alone and it would be great for me. The cheating the government is a whole different issue. That is committing crime

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