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    When you come here you get a free 21 day visa. Go to ANY Philippine Bureau of Immigration to extend it for another 38 days as you cannot get everything done in the 21 days.

    You will need copies of any & all divorce papers. Take them to the US Embassy nearest you to get a certificate of no impedance. Apply at her municipal hall. There will be a 10 day waiting period during which you must take some seminars (no problem). Get married!

    Be advised that you will be expected to help support her family.

    To bring her back to the US will take from 9-12 months with the help of an Immigration Lawyer. I really advise getting one before you leave the US as he will have the forms to fill out & can tell you exactly what & how to put on them. Plus if your wife starts complaining about why you don't bring her over you can blame the lawyer LOL

    If you want to do the papers yourself then feel free to contact me via my profile here on answers. I have helped many others through the process. I might charge a dinner if we ever meet. ha ha

    Good Luck!

    Source(s): Retired American now living in Leyte
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    9 years ago

    I'm American and had my fiance come over on a fiance visa. We married in the the US within the 90 day requirement. The process to get her here took just under 1 year from the time I mailed my petition paperwork. Of course this can only happen after you have proof of a relationship and after you have photos of you two together, unless you can jusitfy why you cannot meet her in person.

    I heard that the process takes longer if you are married overseas. Know that just because you marry her over there, that does not mean she will fly back with you to the case you though otherwise.

    I would also recommend you ask this question at

    The folks over there have or are in the same situation you're in. I got lots of questions answered from them in the past when this situation was new to me.

    Good luck.

    Remember, patience with a Filipina "from the philippines" is very different than any other woman you've dated. I'm warning you.

    Source(s): Half Filipino, married a full born/raised Filipina. sometimes I regret. If I could turn back time.....
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