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How is Frontier Airlines?

Are they safe? Do they have good service? What are the planes like?


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    Denver-based airline........very comfortable with good record of safety. I've flown Frontier airlines several times, and there have been some glitches in service (re-scheduled flights and flight times, website difficulties), but they always make up frustrations with extraordinary benefits. I would not hesitate to fly with them again.

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    They are excellent. They fly mainly A319's/A320's and EMB (Embery Air) aircraft. Imho they are the best LCC (Low Cost Carrier) out there. They put Southworst and JetHell (Jet Blue) to shame on all aspects. I would pay more to fly F9 (Frontier) any day.

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    Hi! My family flew frontier this summer and it was my first time flying so I was nervous. It was really good for me being scared outta my wits. Lol The servous was really good and the guy even gave us free goldfish. :)

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    They are not bad; I've heard of them. They haven't been in the news at all, so they probably have a great safety record with their planes.

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  • 9 years ago

    Well for quite awhile they have had exactly the same amount of landings as they have had take offs.

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