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What has Mitt Romney done for our economy?

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    All Romney knows how to do is ship our jobs overseas. Now he wants to be the Outsourcer-In-Chief.

    Under Romney, Massachusetts’ job-creation ranking fell from 36th to 47th, and unemployment rose above the national average for the first time in a decade. Plus, while Romney served, government jobs grew at a rate of six times the rate of private sector jobs.

    Under Gov. Romney, MA outsourced jobs in child support enforcement, food stamps, and unemployment insurance overseas. In 2004, Gov. Romney vetoed a bill that would have banned state contractors from outsourcing state work overseas.

    As governor, Romney signed a $160,000/month contract that used taxpayer money for a consumer call center in India.

    Mitt Romney's top economic adviser Greg Mankiw said the "offshoring" of American jobs was a good thing. No wonder, under Mitt Romney's leadership, Massachusetts ranked 47th among the 50 states in job creation. A Northeastern University economist found that Massachusetts lagged on virtually every economic indicator while Mitt Romney was in office.

    Why would anyone vote for that?


    **** Offshore tax havens cost the average tax filer $436 per year. ****

    Offshore tax havens cost the USA $100 Billion per year.

    In 2009 Obama went after this practice, but he was blocked by Republicans.

    Not only is Romney the Tax Dodger Candidate, but several of his top eleven donors love tax havens too. Ten of the eleven stash money offshore. Number five, Credit Suisse, a Swiss bank, is currently under federal investigation for allegedly hiding $3Billion from the IRS. Donor number six, Citigroup, is ranked as America’s top tax haven abuser with over 1,200 tax havens. Number nine, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, and number ten, Deolitte are accounting firms that specialize in helping people like Mitt Romney set up offshore accounts. How handy is that?

    Mitt wants to cut taxes for ALL of those on his donor list who are maximizing their profits at OUR expense.


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    Put 300 people out of work. Put his money in Swiss and off shore banks. Maybe paid some income tax but not the same percentage as the 99%.

    Supported Bush who ran the economy into the ground with a needless war in Iraq

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    Did his best to wreck the economy for so many people all across the nation sending their jobs to foreign lands while at Bain and as Governor

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    He hasn't really done anything, I mean he was the CEO of some big company but that doesn't really impact the economy. So nothing. Theoretically if he was president he'd lower taxes on the "job creators" basically the top 1%.

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    Jobs. Ya still have a crap president, time to fumigate the WH in Nov

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    You know obama care? Well it started off as romney care in utah. It crashed and burned. Obama thought he could do better and is trying to do the same exact thing. He fueled the fire to a moron!

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    What has McPresident Obama done for our economy, other than RUIN it????

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    Like this question- keeping the 2 party ruling class in power.

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    What would he be able to do. Presidents nor governors nor mayors nor any one man control the economy. Go take a beginner's Economics 101 before you ask silly questions.

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    He hasnt maintained the highest stretch of unemployment in 75 years like our current president. that should be a huge plus for Romney right there.

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