Why are blacks so butthurt over confederate flags? Even if it's just on a bathing suit lol?

Well as you can see by the title I'm just wondering. I live in Biloxi Mississippi. And today I decided to wear my rebel flag 2 piece bathing suit. I was just outside in the rain in a bathing suit pretty much. I go under a convienient store roof to buy cigarettes which was why I went out originally and a black girl came up to me and said "GUUURRRRL you best take that off" I told her no cuz that was all I was wearing and I wasn't going to anyway. And she gave me this dirty butthurt look. Idk why blacks are so sensetive lol she called me a cracker 2 D: it's like: Oh no you called me a cracker shuckss totally ruined the rest of ma day! It sucks being white owning land and having money she done burned me. But I just wonder why blacks care so much about a flag. I wear it because I like the design and I think it's a very heartwarming symbol of willing to die for a cause. Which is powerful. But I don't get why blacks get so butthurt about it. Slavery is over. Get over it


@ 3rd comment. I never said whites were better than blacks. As I recall it was her who resorted to hostile remarks. You don't know what you're talking about.

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    The confederate flag wasn't the actual confederate flag it was just a war flag.

    And "blacks" get "butthurt" because of ignorant racist rednecks like you. It isn't a heartwarming symbol of willing to die for a cause, people were willing to die for a bad cause, the cause of money. It wasn't about honor or anything noble, they didn't want to lose money by having their free labor outlawed. They would rather treat an entire race of people cruelly than pay for labor.

    If you truly think white people are better, or smarter or anything than black people you are surely wrong, case and point the question you posted is a good representation of something an incredibly stupid person would say.

    And why are you wearing a bathing suit when it's raining? Generally people wear bathing suits on sunny days when they are going to lay out in the sun or go swimming. Not so they can go "under a convienient store roof to buy cigarettes." FYI it's a convenience store, and usually you would go inside, not go under a roof.

    While the battle flag didn't directly represent slavery it is a definite reminder of a bad period in American history. The catalyst for the civil war was a dispute over slavery, under the disguise of "States Rights." The confederacy lost, get over that.

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    Confederate Flag Bathing Suit

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    Why are blacks so butthurt over confederate flags? Even if it's just on a bathing suit lol?

    Well as you can see by the title I'm just wondering. I live in Biloxi Mississippi. And today I decided to wear my rebel flag 2 piece bathing suit. I was just outside in the rain in a bathing suit pretty much. I go under a convienient store roof to buy cigarettes which was why I went out...

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    The Confederate flag these days represents several things that it did not originally, most notably rebellion, division and ignorance of history. Both you and the black girl who allegedly demanded you change your suit promote all of these. Both of you have forgotten that the Civil War was NOT fought over slavery. Yes, slavery WAS a driving issue, and yes, human trafficking for any reason, particularly racism, is wrong. But that's not why the Civil War was fought. It's not ultimately why the southern states seceded. To the southern states, their struggle to leave the Union was very much like the colonies' struggle to break away from Britain and form the United States. The Civil War was fought over states' rights. It may surprise you to learn that a very large portion of the Confederate army, including their leader, Robert E. Lee, were actually opposed to slavery and racism. Likewise there were plenty of racists among the Union army who didn't care one way or another what happened to the slaves. The issue at the heart of the Civil War was whether it was worth tearing a nation apart in order to uphold an integral part of the Constitution; the autonomy of the states. By your provoking an argument with people over the modern use of the Confederate flag, you're standing in opposition to everything BOTH sides fought against. You are creating division and flaunting your ignorance and bigotry.

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    If any of the flags of the south during “The War for Southern Independence” or “Lincolns War” represents slavery then how come the Emancipation Proclamation applied only to slaves in Confederate-held lands; it did not apply to those in the four slave states that were not in rebellion (Kentucky, Maryland, Delaware, and Missouri, which were unnamed), nor to Tennessee (unnamed but occupied by Union troops since 1862) and lower Louisiana (also under occupation), and specifically excluded those counties of Virginia soon to form the state of West Virginia. Also specifically excluded (by name) were some regions already controlled by the Union army.

    In the letter, Lincoln emphasized his primary goal: “I would save the Union. … If I could save the Union without freeing any slave, I would do it; and if could save it by freeing all the slaves, I would do it.

    The white hooded hate group have their own insignia flag, they carry the USA flag and sometimes carry what they adopted, the Army of Tennessee or the Second Confederate Navy Jack. Shouldn’t we ban the USA flag as well? Besides didn’t the 13 colonies commit treason by separating themselves from Great Britain? http://rationalrevolution.net/images/kkkdc3.jpg

    There are at least two sides to every story. Since the USA won the battle, are you not smart enough to assume they are going to tell the story in their words from there on out. Perhaps that is why we only here the bad things about the CSA from when we went to school.

    Some other things you were never taught about in school that the US Government doesn’t want you to know. Morrill Tariff, Corwin Amendment and that a black man named Anthony Johnson, was the first legal slave owner.

    Did you know that Maryland was about ready to vote to join the Southern States but Lincoln sent Federal troops in to stop the voting? I am sure he would not have been a big fan of having Washington surrounded even more.

    I believe that people should not be ignorant and only listen to one side of the story, I encourage them to get out and to read the other side to make up their own mind, not just what the US Government wants you to believe.

    Perhaps after doing some research the people that thank Lincoln for no more slavery should really thank the Southern States because since they did not agree to the Corwin Amendment.

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    Sounds like she didn't handle it very well. And you're right it's just a symbol. But to many african americans it represents something that is very discomforting to them. Sure it was about states rights. But if there was a group of States that were fighting to make or keep european americans as slaves & there was a flag made that represented their cause, would you be cool with people wearing it?

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    "I think it's a very heartwarming symbol of willing to die for a cause." Seriously?

    OK, if you're serious - Blacks used to be in slavery. Perhaps you've heard of it. They were forced to work themselves to the bone and not get paid, to make whites rich, and would be beaten, whipped, sometimes killed if they didn't obey anything their owners wanted them to do. White men would rape their women all the time (and then make the babies born from their own loins slaves too!). This was called the "Southern Way of Life."

    When a president was elected who proposed that maybe we should stop slavery from spreading to the western frontier the way it had already spread across the south, southern whites responded with outrage, seceded from the USA, and went to war. The confederate flag was the symbol of their willingness to kill and die rather than give up the Southern Way of Life. This was the "cause" the flag represents.

    When they lost the war, they lamented the loss of the Southern Way of Life, imposed segregation and Jim Crow laws anyway, and proceeded to lynch blacks who were even accused (with no evidence) with making off-color remarks to white women. This effort to recreate the Southern Way of Life was accompanied by much waving of the Confederate flag, symbolizing loyalty to the Lost Cause.

    When blacks started to protest Jim Crow and say that maybe they should be given their rights to vote and to go to the same schools as white people, defenders of the Southern Way of Life threw them in jail, burned the buses they rode on, battered them with fire hoses and turned vicious police dogs on them - all with display of the Confederate Flag also, by the way.

    And now, white people still want to go around proudly displaying same flag. Saying that there's nothing racist about it is either incredibly stupid or incredibly dishonest. Someone needs to get slapped.

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    I love Mississippi girls, my dad is from there! People are just uneducated in history, the rebel flag actually didn't symbolize slavery it was the confederate battle flag. Since then it has become a symbol of the spirit of the south. Some black people just want to act like white people are racist when in reality most aren't and they are the racist ones! But I've learned over the years that a lot of white have to point out racism or act like its still there. My best answer is people are stupid and are bored and want attention! I love seeing girls in a rebel flag bathing suit it's sexy ;).

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    Sounds like you handled it pretty well. As the say - It is what it is.

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