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Why are Western atheists so complacent with Islam?

I get your beef with Christianity, we've heard the ramblings 10x over, believe me. But why do so many atheists refuse to acknowledge the danger of Islam? Though there is the odd Christian nut job like the guy in Milwaukee, they are few and far between, and they are lone wolves condemended by the vast majority of Christians.

The same cannot be said of Islam. Israel/Palestine issue, 9/11, weekly suicide bombings, attempts to set up sharia law in the west, covering Europe with mosques. The Arab spring ... if you think that's bringing positive change, think again. All of this is reality, and it threatens the very freedoms YOU enjoy. So why do you not criticize that?


Oh, and while we're at it, let's not forget what happened 40 years ago - which the IOC refused to acknowledge.

Update 2:

Most of them are radical, Niko. Even if they're peaceful law-abiding citizens, don't assume that they don't agree with the atrocities committed by other Muslims. Not one Muslim nation condemned what happened in Munich, and this year they celebrate its 40th anniversary.

Update 3:


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  • Evan
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    8 years ago
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    I don't know why you are generalising like this - I'm just as critical of Islam as I am of Christianity and all of the other nonsense. I've seen many atheists in this room criticising all religions with equality.

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    You are right about anyone that is complacent about Islam. I agree with what you say, however, I see Atheists as all being complacent about the most important thing there is in the world. That question is, when the body dies, are we separate from the body and will we continue to live in some other form? Along with that question is the question, are the Christians correct about Heaven and Hell?

    I can understand an Agnostic who says that, "I don't know if there is a God or not but I have never seen any evidence that convinces me that there is a God." That sounds perfectly reasonable to me and not complacent because they are open to new information.

    An Atheist says on the other hand, "There is no God!" period. Now, no one could think that they know even a small percentage of all the things that there are to know in the Universe. Because of that a person cannot honestly know about whether in all of the things that are unknown that there may be some things that prove the existence and the reality of God.

    Because what Atheists really say is, "I don't care if in all of the things I don't know there may be some things that prove the existence of God, I will still claim that there is no God, even if there is no way I can prove that". I say that is extreme complacency because if they are wrong about the existence of Heaven and Hell (which they are) and go to Hell when they didn't have to, then that is complacency to the Max.

    Source(s): Logic and reason.
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    How about you stop feeling sorry for yourself? Atheists are not "complacent" with Islam. At the end of the day, atheists would be more against Islam than Christianity... Right now Islam is irrelevant to them because it's a minority in their countries (America, Europe).

    "condemended by the vast majority of Christians. The same cannot be said of Islam."

    –Actually, the same can indeed be said of Islam.

    Your denial of facts does not make facts go away.

  • cypher
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    8 years ago

    Some of us do see the dangers of a theocratic ideology which by the admission of some of its leading clerics is incompatible with democracy. However,given the state of "freedom of speech" these days,you're not allowed to point this out without being labelled "islamophobe " or "racist",a misnomer if ever there was one as an ideology is NOT a race.

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  • Evan
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    8 years ago

    Its really Ironic that with everything the Muslim community has done in this country, and the world for that matter to distance itself from al quedea, that as a Christian you cannot at least relate as we struggle to distance ourselves from radical groups and right wing politicians that make out beliefs look bad.

  • Doya K
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    8 years ago

    right.... The Arab spring is a moment by the people to gain more fair governments... any such movement should be rejoiced. It really shows your character for you to be fearing such a movemnt just because the major religion isn't yours.

    now lets look at the fact that you are afraid of mosques.... really? want me to go outside my door step and count how many mosques i can see... from my house?! 0... that's right not a one... in fact i have never seen a mosque before in my life. i would kind of want to... i have been to Buddhist temples, Hindu temples, christian churches, and Mormon temples, but never have i set foot inside a Islam place of worship... but let me not go outside and count how many christian churches i can see..... 3.... that's quite a bit! so let me get this straight... it's ok for christian to have churches everywhere... but "god forbid a Islam mosque?"

  • 8 years ago

    Israel/Palestine issue, response to 9/11, weekly murders of civilians by US troops, attempts to set up christian law in the west, including treating people as second class and not allowing them to hold public office or get married, covering Europe with churches. US foreign policy ... if you think that's bringing positive change, think again. All of this is reality, and it threatens the very freedoms YOU enjoy.

  • 8 years ago

    I do criticize fanaticism wherever it is, and whatever inspires it. But it's not just the nut jobs that go all violent that are the problem with religion. There's the every day rejection of rational thinking, the authoritarianism, the mind control techniques applied to children and adults alike.

    Morality is doing what is right, no matter what you are told.

    Religion is doing what you are told, no matter what is right.

  • Marty
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    8 years ago

    Theres a difference between a normal muslim and and a muslim radical

  • ?
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    8 years ago

    Islam absolutely disgusts me. As a religion it's on par with racism and nazism in my book. Their mistreatment of women, I've seen documentaries that have made me want to vomit.

    The reason it's dangerous is that their indoctrination is a thousand times worse than any other religion. The fanaticism is overwhelming, and you can't directly approach these people. They don't listen to logic and reason, they will kill you if they perceive the slightest disrespect. They believe they're fighting a holy war. In my opinion they have to be left behind. The rest of the world has to keep moving forward forcing them to either fade into obscurity or move along with us.

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